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Ever wonder how CDC scientists merge old-fashioned detective work with high-tech science to crack the cases of mystery diseases? Get the story! Visit the David J. Sencer CDC Museum at CDC headquarters to see award-winning permanent and changing exhibitions focusing on public health topics and the history of CDC.


Influenza: Complex Virus/Complex History traces the global impact of influenza viruses since the 1918 pandemic. Influenza viruses are biologically and historically unique. Small changes in their genes occur frequently. Abrupt major changes are less common, but can have devastating impact. In modern times, recurring influenza outbreaks have prompted virologists, medical professionals, and public health workers to search for ways to prevent influenza transmission and reduce the effects of influenza infections.

CDC, working with its worldwide partners, plays a key role in these efforts. Throughout this exhibition, the human experience with the virus is framed by the work of CDC and its partners. Influenza prevention and control capabilities have evolved along with public perceptions of influenza. Scientific advances are interwoven with recollections of influenza’s social and cultural impact to illustrate a complex global story in which each of us plays a unique, ever-changing role.

Just as influenza viruses have changed, so too has the science and the perception surrounding influenza throughout history.

Story of CDC
Permanent Exhibit
During your visit, please walk through the Story of CDC and talk to docents stationed in the exhibits; see how you do on museum scavenger hunts; and examine artifacts from the CDC Historical Collection: a working iron lung, a smoking machine, a laboratory vent hood, and many more!

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