Clark County Historical Museum

1511 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660 - United States





The Clark County Historical Museum is operated and maintained by the Clark County Historical Society. The Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and interpretation of the cultural history of Clark County and the Pacific Northwest, and to sponsoring educational programs and exhibits for the enrichment of all members of the public.


Music, Movement, and Sound: An Exploration of Clark County's Musical Roots
The concept that music reaches deep into our lives and community is at the core of our exciting exhibit, "Music, Movement, and Sound: An Exploration of Clark County’s Musical Roots." This display is a family-friendly, educational, and inspirational exploration of Clark County’s musical roots and our community’s vibrant musical culture today. We feature local and national artists and community groups, as well as Clark County’s Covington Piano, which is the first piano brought to the Pacific Northwest. We use interpretative panels, historical objects, and new interactive stations to create an exhibit where visitors can not only discover the living history of music, dance, and radio in Clark County and Southwest Washington, but engage with it.

History A-Brewin'
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 18th Amendment, “History A-Brewin’” showcases the history of beer, liquor, and prohibition in Clark County through interpretative panels, historical objects, interactive stations, and county-wide partnerships. The exhibit explores brewing in the time of the Hudson’s Bay Company and Vancouver Barracks; the era of prohibition; the Women’s Christian Temperance Union; the establishment and growth of Great Western Malting; and the contemporary brewing scene in Clark County.

Currents of Progress: Clark County Rivers, Roads, and Ports
Within the body of the community, ports, rivers, and roads serve as the bloodstream of commerce, culture, and industry. The concept that ports deeply impact every facet of our lives and community is at the core of our exciting new exhibit, "Currents of Progress: Clark County Rivers, Roads, and Ports." The Clark County Historical Society and Museum invite you to discover the life force of Clark County and its impact on the world.

Clark County Stories: How We Came to this Place
For this flat-panel exhibit, area residents and neighbors shared their migration and family stories through oral history interviews, community conversations, memoirs, poetry, and objects -- all in an effort to get to know each other and understand our shared history better.

The series tagline, “How We Came to this Place,” is both literal and historical, as we ask, "How has Clark County become the way it is today?" Through these storytelling topics we are trying to capture glimpses of identity across time, place, and culture.

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