Carrabelle History Museum

106 SE Avenue B, Carrabelle, FL 32322 - United States




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The Carrabelle History Museum is housed in a historic building, that for 75 years, was Carrabelle's City Hall. Now a museum, its mission is to preserve the history and culture of Carrabelle and the surrounding Forgotten Coast. Personal memorabilia and local artifacts tell the story of Carrabelle from the eyes and ears of its long term residents. Exhibit items include ancient Native America pottery shards and artifacts, fascinating fossils, tools and other artifacts from the turpentine, lumber and commercial fishing industries, nautical artifacts and history, a Civil war display... and an endless supply of fascinating stories. The museum also has an exhibit about the steamship “SS Tarpon” which served the city with weekly visits from 1902 to 1937 including the amazing tale of its deadly wreck and the men who survived it. And the original World's Smallest Police Station can be found on display right inside the Carrabelle History Museum.

Carrabelle’s “First People”
Growing collection of pottery shards and other artifacts from Carrabelle’s “first people”, native peoples who lived here over two thousand years ago.

The Steamship Tarpon
The SS Tarpon was key to building our community in the early 1900′s before sinking off the port of St. Andrews. The exhibit focuses on the local residents and heroes who were part of the crew. This is thought to be one of the most complete accounts of this ship in the country.

Salt and the Civil War
Artifacts include a rare Civil War era salt kettle found buried in the harbor at Alligator Point.

Work Life
Artifacts and photos of various local industries such as seafood, logging, and gas stations that have supported the economy of Carrabelle through the years. This exhibit contains interesting artifacts like oyster tongs, hand made nets and oars and a cat face cutter that was used to get the rosin out of pine trees to make turpentine, tar and pitch.

Family Life
Photos and artifacts of Carrabelle families from the pioneer days to the present containing a butter churn, a cast iron stove, an old wash board and more.

Local Notables
Highlights items such as the original “World’s Smallest Police Station”. This exhibit also contains historic photos, books, scrapbooks, and newspapers about Carrabelle as well as a collection of the oldest city records available.

The Carrabelle History Museum is open Wednesday 12-5 pm, Thursday 10 am-5 pm, Friday 10 am-5 pm, Saturday 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm. We gladly open any other day by appointment except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Just call 850-697-2141 or 850-524-1153 to arrange a tour. Field trips and buses are welcome.


In observance of this year’s Museum Day theme, “Earth Optimism”, the Carrabelle History Museum will be featuring historical conservation practices common in Carrabelle's past. Conservation is not a new idea at all, in fact it is very old. Folks of past generations recycled by repurposing practically everything that they could. Goods were reused over and over and adapted for a different purpose to make do. Folks often manpower (or woman power) instead of electrical power.

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