CAF Airbase Arizona Museum

2017 N Greenfield Road, Mesa, AZ 85215 - United States





Conveniently located about 25 miles east of Phoenix from the 202 loop, the Airbase Arizona museum has been in operation since 1978 and has been the top rated museum in the East Valley for several years. The 250,000 sq. ft. airbase complex is also a flying operation with different warbirds often in flight every week, and other warbirds in regular maintenance or restoration in the maintenance hangar -- all open to visitors!

The museum hangar anchors the complex with 30,000 sq ft hangar featuring myriad displays and artifacts. During our regular schedule monthly speakers are often giving presentations on topics like WWII rescue missions, bombing raids that decided the course of the War and more. Many exhibits feature the personal stories and artifacts of regular airmen and women. Our mission: Educate! Inspire! Honor!


100 years of US military aviation is on display in up close aircraft exhibits and compelling displays about the men, women and machines who mastered the skies.

From the Great War and Eddie Rickenbacker and Frank Luke -- to U.S. assistance to Britain in training aircrews for WWII, and the surprise air attack on Pearl Harbor and a recently arrived bulkhead section from the sunken battleship USS Arizona -- your first glimpse facing incoming aircraft when entering the museum is breathtaking. The extended WWII collection includes Grumman TBM and Wildcat, a replica A6M Zero that appeared in the film 'Tora Tora Tora,' and war hero 'Old Number 30' C-47 that is a veteran of dozens of combat missions from North Africa, to the invasion of Italy, and secret resupply and rescue missions for the OSS and MI-6 in the Balkans.

The Korea section include a North Korean MiG-15, rare Grumman Guardian, and the then-innovative radar gun and missile gun sight for the F-86 and H-19 Chickasaw helicopter. The Vietnam section features a recently restored UH-1B Huey gunship, and a Navy F-4N Phantom.

And more! Our museum style is to have visitors get as close as possible to the vital history of military aviation. Open cockpits, accessible interiors and actual flights of aircraft subject to operational or maintenance availability each day. Cockpit tours of designated aircraft $5 additional is approximately 45 minutes.

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