Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History

3232 Briarcrest Drive, Bryan, TX 77802 - United States





The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History has served the Brazos Valley in many ways since its founding in 1961. There is no other museum within a 100 mile radius of Bryan and College Station which focuses on natural and cultural history and encourages human interaction with nature.

As the ONLY Natural History Museum in the Brazos Valley, the Museum elevates, motivates, and inspires visitors of all ages by showcasing the best of Earth in Nature, Science, and History. Located in the heart of Texas, the Museum promotes science and natural and cultural history education, while encouraging responsible stewardship of all natural and cultural resources. Serving all Texans, the Museum: (1) provides educational programming (exhibits, camps, classes, lectures, outreach, tours, & special events); (2) safeguards artifacts and natural specimens for future generations; and (3) forms cooperative partnerships with arts and cultural organizations, community oriented entities, and academic institutions throughout the Brazos Valley.


The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History proudly announces its exhibit, "Checkered Past: The Story of Board Games," on display from June 24 - October 29. This exclusive in-house exhibit highlights the intriguing history of board games, from the games of ancient Egyptians to the Eurogames of today.

Board games have a long and fascinating history, with some games going back centuries or even millennia. These items of leisure were first designed for adults, and they appear in the earliest human civilizations. This exhibit explores the tantalizing traces of board games found worldwide, from ancient China and the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, to pre-Columbian Mexico and medieval Europe. Displays feature reproductions of ancient and medieval classics alongside a colorful variety of 20th century board games, including a rare first-edition Chutes and Ladders board (1943) and a replica of Lizzie Magie's The Landlord's Game (1906), the precursor to Monopoly.

Explore the surprising spiritual or political roots of some 20th-century favorites, or try your hand at centuries-old classics like Checkers, Backgammon, or Chess. This colorful and interactive exhibit features items from Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Clockwork Games & Events in College Station, and many other individual lenders.

The Museum also has a variety of long term exhibits including Dinosaurs, Ice Age Mammals, Stone Arrow and Spear points, Minerals, Taxidermy Animals, Texas & Local History, and Live Animals including an Observation Bee Hive.

Visit our website for a full list of current exhibits.

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