Bandon Historical Museum

270 Fillmore Ave & Highway 101, Bandon, OR 97411 - United States




Bandon Historical Society Museum collects, preserves and shares the story of a town blessed by water and cursed by fire. Shipbuilding, shipwrecks, Indian artifacts, the beach, disastrous fires, festivals and celebrations, trees, cheese and cranberries are just some of the subjects we exhibit to tell the story of life in Bandon and along the lower Coquille River.


September is a busy month in Bandon. Cranberries grow wild near Bandon and cranberry farming has always been an important means of livelihood. As harvest season approaches, see some of the equipment used at harvest time as well as a display celebrating the harvest festival. This includes gowns worn by the Cranberry Court throughout the years.

September 26th marks the 83 anniversary of the Great Fire that burned down the town. The exhibit displays the causes of the fire, the devastation and how a community worked together the rebuild the town.


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