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Asia Society Museum has earned international acclaim for groundbreaking exhibitions that showcase new discoveries in traditional art and introduce exciting new work on the cutting edge of contemporary art. The Asia Society Museum Collection includes the masterpiece-quality Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection, bequeathed to Asia Society in 1979, and a growing contemporary collection of significant works in video and photography. Selections from the Asia Society Museum Collection are on view in the permanent collection galleries. Through exhibitions and related lectures, panels, performances, and symposia, Asia Society provides a forum for the unique issues and viewpoints of Asian arts and culture.


Xiaoze Xie: Objects of Evidence
Opening September 10, 2019

Born on the cusp of the Cultural Revolution, Xiaoze Xie has experienced the profound power of books firsthand. “Xiaoze Xie: Objects of Evidence” explores the subjectivity of censorship in relation to the shifting nature of sociopolitical and religious ideologies. Through painting, installation, photography, and video, the artist traces the history of banned books in China, providing a means to chart changes in cultural standards and their influence on shaping modern Chinese society.

Generous support for “Xiaoze Xie: Objects of Evidence” is provided by Bo Wu, and The Lou Foundation. Additional support is provided by Stanford University. This exhibition is realized with the cooperation of Chambers Fine Art.

Wang Dongling: Ink in Motion
Opening September 10, 2019

Wang Dongling is widely recognized as one of the most celebrated living calligraphers from China. The artist’s experimental works, featuring his luanshu (chaos script), expand the venerated Chinese calligraphy tradition through a dynamic style that renders the texts almost completely indecipherable. Inspired by Laozi’s iconic text of Taoist philosophy, the artist created Laozi, Dao De Jing, Chapter I & II for Asia Society as part of a 2018 performance at the Museum. This exhibition serves as the first public presentation of the painting.

In Focus: Lakshmi
Opening September 10, 2019

This exhibition explores the importance and worship of Lakshmi, a beloved goddess and consort of the god Vishnu, who is part of the complex Hindu culture that originated in India. As images of Lakshmi circulated through other cultures, she began to take on new meanings. Historical and contemporary artworks on display provide broader cultural context and transformations of the goddess’s image abroad. This exhibition is part of Asia Society Museum’s ongoing "In Focus" series, which invites viewers to take an in-depth look at a single, significant work of art.


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