Art & History Museums of Maitland

231 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland, FL 32751 - United States




The Art & History Museums of Maitland's main campus features three museums, the Maitland Art Center - a contemporary art gallery, the Maitland History Museum, and the Telephone Museum. This campus is Greater Orlando's only National Historic Landmark, and was originally an artist retreat founded in 1937. Today, artists still work in studios on site. Visitors on Museum Day can explore the fantasy architecture then cool off in the museums.


Maitland Art Center gallery: The "Corpus Delicti" exhibition features the work of Jessica Caldas, a Florida-based Puerto Rican artist and advocate. Visitors navigate the space in an immersive experience that mirrors the complexities of the stories and issues being explored, focusing on the generational struggles and triumphs of women. Caldas’ first solo museum exhibition incorporates paintings, drawings, collage, performance, and enormous soft sculpture installations. The exhibition is complemented by writings by women from the artist’s life – family, members, mentors, and fellow artists who made an impact on the body of work, as well as artifacts from her artistic process. The exhibition title translates from Latin as the “body of the crime”. Legally the term means that requisite elements of a crime, such as a body, must be provided before an individual can be convicted. This title was chosen because the art of Jessica Caldas seeks to provide evidence of injustices that often go unspoken. The exhibition becomes a healing space for both artist and viewer — embracing joy, resilience, tenderness, and community care.

Telephone Museum: The A&H's Telephone Museum takes visitors on a tour of communications technology and the history of the telephone. Try your hand at the working switching station and then take a look at how communications change throughout time. This exciting collection features several hands-on displays and includes the story of the Winter Park Telephone Company, founded in Maitland. (Suitable for families.)

Historic campus: Featuring an outdoor chapel, gardens, and over 2500 sculptures, carvings and murals.

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