Arrow Rock State Historic Site

39521 Visitor Center Dr., Arrow Rock, MO 65320 - United States




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Stroll through the history of a once-bustling river town that’s now the serene village of Arrow Rock. You’ll walk streets lined with the architecture of the historic “Boone’s Lick Country.” At Arrow Rock State Historic Site, you may wander into the historic J. Huston Tavern, which dates back to 1834 and provides a dining experience in the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi River. View displays of historic furnishings in the old kitchen and upstairs bedrooms. You can visit other historic buildings, such as the Old Courthouse and George Caleb Bingham's house. You can learn about the history of Arrow Rock and the "Boone's Lick Country" through exhibits and audio-visual presentations in the visitor center. The historic site is part of the larger Village of Arrow Rock, which features quaint stores and several antique shops. The site and the entire town has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is part of the Lewis and Clark and Santa Fe National Historic Trails.


Westward exploration and expansion is a primary theme. The Lewis and Clark expedition through Missouri and the Santa Fe Trail are emphasized, as is local Native American and African American history. The life and contributions of 19th-century artist George Caleb Bingham are displayed in five original portraits, several early lithographs and memorabilia of the Bingham family. Exhibits of the life of Dr. John Sappington and his development of quinine pills to treat malaria are also included, as is regional commerce and agriculture of the 19th century and the Missouri River as a route of transportation and commerce.

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