American Clock & Watch Museum

100 Maple Street, Bristol, CT 06010 - United States




Take time to visit the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, and learn about the innovative geniuses who revolutionized the clock and watch industries in America. Exhibits include sundials and shelf clocks, chronometers and character watches, and everything in between. Discover one the largest collections of American-made timepieces in the world. Enjoy their ticking and chiming as you stroll through the museum’s eight galleries.


Visit our exhibits for the 2020 season

In Recognition
"In Recognition" examines the symbolic roles that clocks and watches play in our lives. Given as gifts to mark milestones such as graduation or retirement, or to celebrate a wedding or special anniversary, these timepieces often become family heirlooms. Passed on from generation to generation, each one tells a story and preserves a bit of history. The pieces displayed in the exhibit were carefully curated to show the significance they played in helping to commemorate some of life’s most important moments.

Second Time Around
Following the notion that everything old is new again, "Second Time Around" illustrates how the designs of some modern timepieces have been influenced by older ones. By displaying the old beside the new, it becomes apparent that the overall design and innovative technologies first used so long ago, are timeless. Visit the exhibit to see what made the original timepieces so important and how their essential designs, adapted to present day lifestyles, still play a significant role.

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