STEM Challenge

Minecraft Castle
What if space museums actually launched you into space? What if history museums literally erased time? 
What would a museum like that look like? What would it feel like?

This year, Museum Day Live! features special interactive lesson plans created by Smithsonian in partnership with Microsoft using Minecraft: Education Edition. These lessons can be used before Museum Day as an introduction to a topic or after Museum Day as an extension of what you just learned.  

In the links below, you’ll find sample activities to begin your journey. Select a lesson that you like and tailor it to fit the museum you wish to attend. Visit your local museum and consider fresh ways to frame their current collections. Use your imagination to build an entire museum or a single exhibit.    

Design a 3-D model of your exhibit. Create and share personal collections using Smithsonian's Learning Lab. Collaborate with classmates in Minecraft: Education Edition to combine exhibits and build an entire museum. Be as practical or inventive as you want. Share your museum experience @MuseumDay  #MinecraftEDU

CATEGORIES: Culture, Art, Science, History
AGES: Primary (5 - 8 years old), Intermediate (9 - 12 years old), Middle School (12 - 15 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Plan your own "Museum of Me"

THE UNIVERSE: An Introduction PDF
AGES: Intermediate (9 - 12 years old), Middle School (12 - 15 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Explore the observable universe. Think about the size of space and where we fit in.

BUILDING UP, Breaking Down PDF
CATEGORIES: History, Science
AGES: Primary (5 - 8 years old), Intermediate (9 - 12 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Explore how buildings age. Discover how physical breakdown (such as rock fracture), chemical weathering, and pollution are all key ingredients in this discussion of the geology of the built environment.

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Lesson plans built with Minecraft: Education Edition. We at Smithsonian and Minecraft: Education Edition cannot wait to see what you create!