This year, Museum Day celebrates the Smithsonian Year of Music, an institution-wide initiative celebrating the Smithsonian’s vast musical collections and resources through 365 days of music-related programming. Music is not only a reflection of human creativity and innovation, but also a key method of communication and cross-cultural exchange and understanding. The Smithsonian Year of Music crosses disciplines, bringing together music-related resources in art, history, culture, science and education. The Smithsonian has invited participating museums to create programming to support this initiative and highlight the world’s rich musical heritage.

If you want to observe the multifaceted manifestations of 5,000 years of culture or feel for yourself the joy and harmony of life in a heterogeneous society, then a tour of Taiwan is just what you need.

The best thing about experiencing the endless variety of Taiwan's cultural and artistic wonders is that you can find whatever you like: folk festivals, religious practices, traditional skills, modern art, and more. You can find expressions of the country's rich and varied arts on every street and lane, and in the lives of the people. Every part of Taiwan presents its unique local characteristics, profoundly different yet centered on a common cultural core. Make sure you pay a visit to the National Palace Museum, enjoy a performance at the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, experience indigenous culture at the Rukai Festival, make your own oil paper umbrella, and take a look at the Taiwanese Opera, Techno Prince Nezha and Mt. Bagua Great Buddha. It’s time to marvel! These are the sources of Taiwan's magnetic allure.