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Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Museum Day brings together museums, zoos & cultural centers from all 50 states to offer free admission to all Museum Day ticket holders. Museum Day represents a national commitment to access, equality and inclusion.

Museum Day goes beyond getting visitors through museum doors—it acts as a springboard to empower and help advance the hopes and ambitions of the public, particularly school-aged children and those in underrepresented communities.

This year, Museum Day will celebrate the Year of Music.

Tickets will be available for the public to download beginning August 15th, 2019.

Year of Music Programming Ideas:

  • Host a lecture or panel discussion about music or sound such as "The Sounds of Science or The Science of Sound." Topics could range from Beethoven to jazz to the harmony of the spheres, Mariachi, Azerbaijani Mugam, or songs of the humpback whales
  • Screen a film in which music plays a key role. You could even have a live band play the score to a film or have a "sing-along"
  • Create a scavenger hunt of pieces in your collection that showcase music or sound
  • Have a live music performance by an ensemble or a DJ
  • Invite a local school group to perform at your venue
  • Invite local musicians to sound a piece from your collection—what would that painting/sculpture/piece of furniture/planet/animal sound like if it could make noise or play music?
  • Invite a local musician to create a piece of music inspired by his or her favorite work in your museum's collection
  • Bring out a music/sound related object from your collection that isn't currently on view for Museum Day on September 21, 2019