We are thrilled that your venue is participating in Museum Day on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Participating museums can expect to receive their promotional packets by mid-September. Please check back soon for additional materials. 

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Museum Day Logos

Horizontal Logo (1500x300) JPG | PNG | EPS
Horizontal Museum Day logo

Secondary Logo (1225x1564) JPG | EPS 
Secondary Museum Day logo

Social Media Logo (1200x630) JPG 
Sized for Facebook and Twitter posts, includes date. If your museum chooses to create a Facebook event, invite @MuseumDay to co-host so they appear on our Facebook Event's page. Title the event "Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day". Let us know if you have any questions regarding social promotion. 

Brand Guidelines PDF
Please review before using the Museum Day logo. For questions, email

Promotional Materials

Promotional Flyer  PDF
Print and display at your school, community center, museum, etc. to generate excitement around Museum Day 

Counter Card  PDF
Participating museums will receive a printed counter card in the mail by mid-September to display at your venue on Museum Day. Please notify your Saturday staff about your museum's participation in Museum Day and place the counter card in a prominent location. To generate interest in the event, display counter card leading up to Museum Day.  

Example Ticket  PDF
Ticket provides general admission for two people at the listed venue on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Tickets will be available to download on the Museum Day website August 15th - September 22nd. Tickets appear the same whether printed or displayed on a smartphone.

Press Release Template  DOCX | PDF
Customizable press release annoincing your museum's participation in Museum Day 2018

5,000 Subscriber Names Form  PDF | XLS (use for 15+ zip codes)
Complete and return this form to to receive the 5,000 Smithsonian magazine subscriber names you were offered (physical mailing addresses, not emails). We will begin fulfilling list requests after Museum Day has taken place on September 22, 2018. Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery. The deadline for submitting requests is November 21, 2018. Please use your museum name as the file name when submitting.

Women Making History

Museum Day goes beyond getting visitors through museum doors—it acts as a springboard to empower and help advance the hopes and ambitions of the public. This year, we have chosen to theme the event around  Women Making History. 

Museum Programming Ideas:

  • #WomenMakingHistory: Join Smithsonian's social media campaign and ask museum-goers to share female trailblazers in the arts, sciences, innovation & culture that they discover at your museum. #MuseumDay  #WomenMakingHistory
  • Breaking Down Barriers: Host a career panel featuring local women working in male-dominated fields.
  • #5WomenArtists: Challenge guests to respond to the National Museum of Women in the Art’s social media campaign asking, “Can you name five women artists?” Provide sticky notes for guests to write the names of 5 women they learned about on their visit. Offer an area for guests to stick their note and celebrate these women.
  • The Big Picture: Empower guests to look at the big picture; create a photo booth that frames men and women as equals; by stepping into the big picture, guests make a step toward inclusion.
  • Rewriting History: Host a panel discussion on the impacts of how we’ve decided to represent history and the role museums are taking to be more inclusive. Consider pulling out specific items in your collections created and curated by women to be put on special display.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt highlighting objects created and curated by women.
  • Women in STEM: Focus on women making contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.