A Snowball Fight in the West Bank

For the first time in their lifetimes, these teenagers got to enjoy the thrill of a fresh layer of snow

Teenagers in the West Bank hit a Volkswagen Beetle with a snowball. (Caroline Lacey)

Poised for Throw

Snow in Middle East
(Caroline Lacey)
Sajida and her friends were poised with snowballs in hand. Just as the car reached the intersection it caught a bit of ground in its tires and sped past the ambush. Snowballs flew, but the kids’ unfamiliarity with the sport was apparent in their trajectories. The Beetle made it unscathed. It was almost out of sight when the tires made a terrible sound that arrested the kids’ attention. Snow started spitting out from behind and the poor little car descended the hill in defeat. This series of events repeated until it was clear that despite the grandest of efforts, the car would not make it.

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