Move Over Fake Meat, It’s Time for Veggie Seafood

Here are six companies bringing you animal-free fish products, from tomato-based sushi to “Fysh Sauce”

Fishless filets are on the rise. (Gardein)

All at once, it seems, faux meat has gone from the back freezer of the health food store to the front display case at your local Walmart. From the so-real-it-bleeds Beyond Burger to vegan “chicken” at KFC to the plant-based Omnipork taking Asia by storm, mock meat is having its moment in the sun. Swimming up just behind it is artificial seafood, poised for a boom any minute. With overfishing threatening marine ecosystems worldwide, vegetarian substitutes make sense for sustainability. Here are some of the most interesting—and potentially tasty—faux fish products on the market or in the works.

Trick Tuna

Make your next tuna melt or tuna noodle casserole fish-free with Good Catch, founded by brothers Chad and Derek Sarno. Both are plant-based diet evangelists—Chad has opened vegetarian restaurants around the world, worked in R&D at Whole Foods, and written cookbooks, while Derek, a former vegan farmer and Buddhist monastery chef, is “Director of Plant-Based Innovation” for UK-supermarket chain Tesco. Their tuna-free tuna comes in three flavors (plain, Mediterranean, and oil and herbs), and they’re launching frozen foods soon. The flaky texture is a mix of six legumes, while the fishy flavor comes from algae oil. Look for it at your local Whole Foods.


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