Michael Pollan and Ruth Reichl Hash out the Food Revolution

Be a fly in the soup at the dinner table with two of America’s most iconic food writers

Michael Pollan and Ruth Reichl dine at Bell & Anchor in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. (Illustration by Lara Tomlin)
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P: I just wrote a story on the microbiome. I had my body sequenced, so I know what bacteria I’m carrying, what do they mean for my well-being, what do we know, what do we not know. I’ve been amazed to learn all of the links between microbial health and our general health. This all started by trying to understand fermentation. The fermentation outside your body, and its relation to the fermentation inside your body. The key to health is fermentation, it turns out.

R: Really?

P: It’s very possible that the master key to unlocking chronic disease will turn out to be the health and composition of the microbiota in your gut. But we’ve abused this ecological community—with antibiotics, with our diet, with too much “good” sanitation.

Waitress: Sorry to interrupt. Would you like dessert?

P: I’m very happy watching my companion have dessert.

R: I’ll have the yogurt lemon mousse. Unless you think I should have something ?

Waitress: You’ll like the lemon.

R: I’m a lemon person.

P: I am too. I just downloaded that recipe for that lemon soup from your website. How do you pronounce it?

R: Avgolemeno.


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