10 Things Brewmaster Annie Johnson Can’t Live Without

From kettles to apps, flasks to forums, these resources help the Sacramento-based home chemist concoct her award-winning beers

(Annie Johnson and Flickr user QuinnDombrowski)

The Original Universal Kettle ($280) or the Brew-Magic Boil Kettle ($549)

Johnson uses three Original Universal Kettles, each customized for a different purpose. One is a hot liquor tank (brewing water), one is a mash tun and the third is a brew kettle. “The thick stainless steel walls retain internal heat quite well as a mash tun. The curved bottom also allows for a good rolling boil,” she says—much better than the stolen, house-party kegs some beginners use to start brewing. The Universal Kettles must be outfitted with spigots and thermometers; for the novice, she recommends investing in the Brew-Magic Boil Kettle, which comes with those items attached.  “A great boil kettle is key to great brewing,” she says.
Buy the Original Universal Kettle here and the Brew-Magic Boil Kettle here.

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