The Top 10 Biggest Sports #Fails of All Time

For athletes on the world stage, nothing is worse than choking under pressure. Here are the 10 most memorable transgressors

(AP Photo / Dave Martin)

5. Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard, November 1980, in New Orleans

Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard
(John Iacono / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images)
The plot: Duran insulted Leonard, the Olympic golden boy of boxing, and then soundly defeated him in a June 1980 match. Leonard turned the tables in the rematch, using his speed to frustrate Duran.

The choke: In eighth round, after taunting Duran in the seventh, Leonard hit him with a vicious right uppercut. Duran turned around and walked to his corner, saying "no mas." Later, there were claims he said something else, including "I do not want to fight this clown."

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