Great Moments in Chicken Culinary History

Where did these six poultry-based dishes (with one imposter) get their start?

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Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev
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The elder cousin to chicken Cordon Bleu, chicken Kiev has been claimed by both the Russians and Ukrainians as a national dish. However, the dish—which is made from a chicken cutlet pounded flat, shaped around a center of garlic butter and herbs, then fried or baked—probably comes from France. The Russian court in the 18th century was so fascinated with French food that the Empress sent chefs to train in Paris. One of them, according to food historians, returned with a recipe for chicken Kiev, which became a cornerstone of Russian cuisine. England also picked up a taste for it; chicken Kiev became the country’s first ready-made meal in 1979, sold by Marks & Spencer in an effort to replicate American TV dinners. From the pinnacle of sophistication to the convenience of the supermarket aisle, chicken Kiev has always had a following.

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