Just Announced! The 2016 Future is Here Festival: Science Meets Science Fiction!

Presented with the participation of NASA, The Smithsonian magazine's 2016 "Future Is Here" festival features a series of visionary talks on what's on the horizon in an array of fields before an avid crowd of researchers, industry experts and tech and science enthusiasts.

Come and see:

  • William Shatner, star of STAR TREK, celebrating its 50th anniversary year
  • Chris Carter, creator of the X-FILES, now enjoying its return season
  • Tim Miller, the director of the new smash hit movie DEADPOOL
  • Andy Weir, author of THE MARTIAN
  • The stars of 12 Monkeys, the Syfy network’s hit series
  • Explorers Celine and Alexandra COUSTEAU
  • NASA scientists Dava Newman and Jim Green
  • Anthony Fauci, America’s point man on the Zika virus, Ebola and pandemics
  • Bruce Sterling, Hugo Award-winning science fiction author