The Game’s Afoot!

The next stage of the Great American History Puzzle is unlocked and ready for you to start working on it!

“It’s all happening!” as the nation’s Founding Fathers excitedly said to each other at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Well, maybe they didn’t say exactly that, but I bet they would have if they’d been around for today’s unlocking of the next stage in the Great American History Puzzle.   The first puzzle went live this afternoon around 2:00 PM Eastern Time, and the next eight puzzles will trickle out over the coming weeks.  I can’t wait until you see what we have planned.

Legions of your fellow treasure hunters are already poring over the first Web puzzle, so don’t get left behind!  It’s not too late to dig into the magazine puzzle and sleuth out the password that unlocks the contest website.

Good luck with your hunting–you’re going to need it!


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