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Two Asian Elephants Arrive at the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

The females, 19-year-0ld Trong Nhi and daughter, 9-year-old Nhi Linh, join males Spike, 41, Kamala, 47, Swarna, 47 and Maharani, 32, at the "Elephant Trails" exhibit in Washington, D.C.

Three female African lions rest in the sun and shade in a grassy area along a wood-panel fence

How Zookeepers Care for Aging Lions

Bald eagles are native to the United States, but caring for them is a unique and rare opportunity. Every bald eagle in human care, including Annie pictured here, is a rescue.

Meet Rescued Bald Eagles Tioga and Annie

Western lowland gorilla Moke eating a snack

The Science Behind Animal Snacks

The cassowary's helmet-like casque is made of keratin, the same material that makes up our hair and fingernails.

Meet Cassowary Brothers Irwin and Dundee, Descendants of Dinosaurs

A female ruby-throated hummingbird sips nectar from a flower.

How Do You Weigh a Hummingbird?

January was a month full of firsts for giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji. The growing bear played with enrichment toys, took his first bites of sweet potato and bamboo, and had his first encounter with snow!

January's Best Giant Panda Moments—In Video