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Chocolate Destinations Around the World to Drool Over

These five places from Belgium to Hong Kong offer their own enticing takes on the confection

The mouthwatering nature of chocolate is one constant no matter where you go. (Miriam Schmidt/dpa/Corbis)

Costa Rica

Chocolate tourism has taken off in Costa Rica, with everything from a Rainforest Chocolate Tour in which you actually get to harvest and grind cacao seeds and make a traditional drink, to factory tours and tastings. For true chocolate connoisseurs, the family-run Caribeans Coffee & Chocolate in Puerto Viejo, on the country's Caribbean coast, hosts a week-long chocolate dream vacation that offers a fully immersive bean-to-bar experience. Nearby Chocorart is another must-stop. The Swiss couple that runs this farm uses traditional Maya methods to cultivate their cacao and offers two-hour tours and tastings, including a sampling of their vanilla, mint, orange and coconut flavored signature chocolate stick. 

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