PHOTOS: What Happens When a Rebel Turns Graffiti Art Upside Down

Artist Evan Roth’s award-winning work puts the action in interaction

(Owen Franken)

TSA Project

TSA Communication
(© Evan Roth 2008)

The TSA project, Roth has said, is a “performance that aims to give citizens an active voice in the theater of security.” Such a performance might seem risky, given the TSA’s grave responsibilities and its clear instructions to passengers not to joke about weapons during screening, but Roth says he hasn’t missed a flight yet, never mind been arrested. In fact, the TSA permits photographing or videotaping inspections as long as doing so doesn’t interfere with security operations. It warns that if an object in a bag blocks a screener’s X-ray view of items, however, the bag may be searched.

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