Photos: The Scariest Santas You’ll Ever See

Browse our selected illustrations of some of the strangest and creepiest Santa Clauses ever put down on paper and then vote for your favorite

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Boozy Santa

Boozy Santa
(Edward Virginius Valentine to Milch Gallery, ca. 1920. Milch Gallery records, 1911-1980. Archives of American Art.)

This sketch of a blitzed Santa Claus made by Edward Virginius Valentine sometime between 1911 and 1930 stands in great contrast to the stately bronze and marble statues of figures such as Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jefferson that the artist is better known for. The Archives of American Art acquired it along with other records from Milch Gallery, a now defunct New York City establishment once owned by brothers Edward and Albert Milch.

Would you have nightmares if he fell down your chimney? Vote for this scary Santa!


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