Our Top Stories of 2014

From weird red waterfalls to the pleasures of small-town America, these were the most read articles on Smithsonian.com this year

Small town travel, the Monuments Men, Chernobyl and Stonehenge were all among reader favorites in 2014 (Clockwise from top left: Silver City Arts & Cultural District/Thomas Carr Howe papers, Archives of American Art/T.A.Mousseau & A.P. Møller/Henrik Knudsen, with thanks to English Heritage)

9. After Two Weeks, 234 Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls Are Still Missing

People around the globe were shocked in April when an Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram raided a secondary boarding school in Nigeria and kidnapped at least 200 young girls. Two weeks in, the girls were still missing, and our story on the lack of progress went viral. After the initial kidnapping, our Smart News blog covered developments throughout the year and the ensuing cascade of public outrage, including rumors that the girls had been married off, Boko Haram’s demands and the news than some lucky women had escaped.

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