Editorial Guidelines

As members of the American Society of Magazine Editors, adheres to the guidelines set forth by ASME; you can read the full guidelines here:, which contain the following points:

  • Every reader is entitled to fair and accurate news and information
  • The value of magazines to advertisers depends on reader trust
  • The difference between editorial content and marketing messages must be transparent
  • Editorial integrity must not be compromised by advertiser influence
  • Marketer-provided content, including native advertising, should be prominently labeled as advertising, and the source of such content and the affiliation of the authors should be clearly acknowledged. The term “Sponsor Content,” already in use on some websites, can be used to label native advertising.
  • Native advertising should include a prominent statement or “What’s This?” rollover at the top of the advertising unit explaining that the content has been created by a marketer and that the marketer has paid for its publication
  • Native advertising should not use type fonts and graphics resembling those used for editorial content and should be visually separated from editorial content.