Washington - Landmarks and Points of Interest

Washington - Landmarks and Points of Interest


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Washington is home to another novelty museum, the World Kite Museum in Long Beach on the state's coast. Now in a new 10,000-square-foot building, it's still the only American museum dedicated to kites, kite makers and famous kite fliers.

A reminder of the early farming industry, the three-story Barron Flour Mill in Eastern Washington's Oakesdale, has withstood the Depression, and the advent of supermarkets. This flour mill continues today, supply the finest flour to a broad spectrum of people, ranging from rural communities to the finest organic diners in New York.

The self-proclaimed "Antique Capital of the Northwest," Snohomish, north of King County, is justified in its title, with 450 dealers offering their wares within five blocks. Astride a river carrying the same name, Snohomish itself feels collectible, with an array of historic Victorian homes, a turn-of-the-19th-century village, and gardens around town.

Paying homage to Washington's state flower is the Rhododendron Species Foundation and Botanical Garden in Federal Way. One of the world's largest rhododendron collections, this site boasts more than 10,000 rhododendrons in a brilliant array of colors against a 22-acre backdrop of native conifers.

An unusual roadside attraction, Ex-Nihilo (also known as Recycled Spirits of Iron), has been turning many heads en route to Mount Rainer. This 4-acre outdoor gallery features sculptures created from recycled iron and driftwood by artist Dan Klennert.

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