Some Don’t Like It Hot

Atlantans regard summer—and the overheated tourists it spawns—woefully

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The city then had to scramble to produce a marketing slogan to justify the IOC's choice.

Unlike Athens, Greece, there was no millennium of glorious history at our backs, no ancient ruins, no magnificent landscape, no closeness to seas and bays and beaches and islands and soft Mediterranean breezes.

The proposed Olympic slogans were thus light on specifics.

"Atlanta: Not Bad for Georgia," was suggested.

"Atlanta: We're Better Than Birmingham."

"Atlanta: Atnalta Spelled Backwards."

And finally: "Atlanta: We Got the Olympics and You Didn't."

None of these was made official. I dare say not a single one of the five million people currently living within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area can recite, today, the winning slogan. I just looked it up myself. The official slogan of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics was: "The Celebration of the Century."

Does this give you a hint that we don't have a clue what to do with people who come to visit?

When Atlantans travel and are introduced to non-Atlantans, the non-Atlantans instantly, universally, unfailingly say: "I've changed planes there dozens of time, but I've never stepped outside the airport."

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