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The Chilean Andes (Smithsonian Institution)

Day 1: A Stop in Santiago

Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough explores Santiago before heading to the Las Campanas Observatory in the Chilean Andes

Upon leaving the Museo, Anne reminds me that since her bag has not arrived, she will need something warm to wear and she purchases a beautiful magenta wrap made by Chilean Indians. As they say, "one man's misfortune is another's good fortune," and at least the Museo and the craftsperson have benefited.

Day one of our visit will close with a dinner with our traveling party. The good news is that, through the wonder of the Web, we learn that American Airlines has (in theory) found the missing bags. They should arrive on the morning flight from Miami and, with a touch of exceptional luck, will be at the airport in time for our flight up the coast to La Serena on our way to Las Campanas.


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