Curacao - Nature and Scientific Wonders

Curacao - Nature and Scientific Wonders

Christoffel Park
This protected natural park contains the island’s highest peak 375 meters above sea level. The area encompasses three old plantations, which may only be reached on foot. There are three car routes. Attractions include but are not limited to: the slave post, the stone mound, the Zorgvliet mansion ruins, the caves with Indian drawings and the Boca Grandi. Tehre is an exhibition of Curaçao’s geological history at the Savonet museum.

Shete Boka National Park
The area consists of more than 10 inlets, where the hawksbill and green turtles hatch. The main entrance to the Park is located at Boka Tabla.

Hato Caves
Explore beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, wall paintings and underground lakes with amazing waterfalls.

Hòfi Pastor
Hòffi Pastor is a natural park in Barber, located in the western part of Curaçao wit hnumerous types of trees and bird species.


Kas Abou
Kas Abou in Banda Abou is a white, sandy beach with palm trees and sunshades. Ideal for swimmers, divers and snorkelers.

This beach has a picturesque atmosphere due to the fishing boats winging in the water. The water is very calm and shallow near the shore which makes for excellent snorkeling. Large shade structures and manchineel trees provide ample shade.

Boka St. Michiel
A traditional fishing village just west of town where you can explore the salt marsh or climb a trail that runs up the hill to the west of the beach.

Santa Cruz
This beach has a decidedly different look, compared to its neighbors, with an exceptionally wide, sandy beach, dotted with towering palm trees. The thickly wooded inland lagoons are excellent for bird watching.

The best time to visit this narrow, picturesque cove is late in the day when you can fully appreciate the exceptionally clear waters without minding the lack of shade.

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