The Trail Continues!

Here are a few (non-spoiler!) answers to questions we've received from a bunch of solvers

I mentioned this yesterday, but solvers using digital copies of the October issue of Smithsonian should be especially careful about the first puzzle answer, since pixels are sometimes a lot less legible than print, due to resolution issues and whatnot.  We’ve also had reports of solvers having trouble getting the answer to Puzzle #1 accepted until they tried a different web browser.  So far we can’t duplicate any of this, so it may just be our old friend “user error,” but if you’re desperate, switching browsers might be worth a shot.  Don’t worry about getting in trouble for making multiple submissions: we aren’t enforcing any kind of “guess limit” for the first password, due to the print-vs.-digital issues.  (But for subsequent puzzles, that won’t be true, since the Rules specifically prohibit “unsportsmanlike” tampering.  Stay tuned to this blog for more details.)


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