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This Football Player Is Afraid of His Team’s Mascot

Eric Berry has a problem. He's afraid of horses. This wouldn't be a big deal if he weren't a player for the Kansas City Chiefs


Eric Berry has a problem. He’s afraid of horses. This wouldn’t be a big deal, really, if he weren’t a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, whose team mascot is a horse. This week, “NFL Films Presents” ran a short piece about Berry and his quest to overcome his fear, that Buzzfeed posted.

Here’s SB Nation’s video on Berry’s fear:

But Berry isn’t the first athlete to have a fear that he couldn’t escape. Rebecca Adlington, an English freestyle swimmer who has won two Olympic golds, is afraid of the ocean. Michael Phelps, famed Olympian, was once afraid of putting his face in the water. Other athletes have less immediately present fears. Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are both afraid of sleeping in the dark. Tim Duncan is afraid of sharks. Bleacher Report has a whole rundown of athlete fears. And honestly, we’re surprised more people aren’t afraid of their team’s mascot. Have you seen some of these college mascots? 

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