Insect Trivia

Test your insect knowledge by answering these trivia questions

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10. What is the name of the greatest current threat to honeybees in the US?
Colony Collapse Disorder.

11. What is the food of honeybee queens?
Royal Jelly.

12. What's a "king" honeybee called?
A drone.

13. Who is generally considered the founder of entomology?

14. Who is the founder of entomology in the US?
Thomas Say.

15. Which beetle is featured prominently in many blues, country, folk and rock songs, including songs by Bob Dylan, the Violent Femmes, and The Presidents of the United States of America?
The Boll weevil.

16. In what family of aquatic insect does the male of some species carry eggs on its back?
Belostamatidae, or the giant water bug.

17. Who won a Nobel price for study of insect behavior?
Karl von Frisch for his work on communication between bees (i.e. the bee dance)

18. How did the spongillaflies get their name?
The larvae feed on freshwater sponges.

19. What is pseudocopulation?
Pollination that occurs when insects try to mate with flower parts resembling other insects.


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