Insect Trivia

Test your insect knowledge by answering these trivia questions

Take a swat at these insect trivia questions, courtesy of the University of Maryland Linnaean Games team. Lucky for us, the team is taking it easy on us. In an actual competition, the questions would be approximately ten million times harder.

1. What common bathroom item can be used in a killing jar to collect bugs?

2. What must a female mosquito do before laying eggs?

3. Centipedes have 1 pair of legs per body segment. How many pairs of legs do millipedes have per body segment?

4. Describe the marking on the abdomen of a black widow.

5. During peak production, how many eggs can a queen bee lay per day?

6. What insect was responsible for transmitting the Bubonic or Black Plaque?

7. How did the Hessian fly get to America?

8. Who brought the European honey bee to the US?

9. How many plagues mentioned in the book of Exodus in the Bible were cause by insects?


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