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From a computer-generated model, sculptors cast a bronze triceratops that Looks like the real thing

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"Oh, but we’re hardly started," says Mummert at this point in the operation. "Next we have to assemble all the pieces and weld them together. Then we spend I don’t know how many more hours chasing all the welds." He was referring to the process of removing every mark or bump that doesn’t belong with die grinders, files, chisels and, in the end, sandpaper. Weeks later, when these chores were done and the entire head finally assembled, the artists sandblasted it clean, applied a patina with torches, sealed it with waxes and brought it to Washington.

So when you see the new triceratops bronze at Natural History, you might think about the thousands of hours of labor it took to make it. In any case, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a head of its time.

by Michael Kernan


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