Dinosaur Sighting: Tyrannosaurus Golf

Dinosaurs probably wouldn't have been very good at mini-golf—imagine a Carnotaurus with a putter—but they make for excellent fairway decor


A Tyrannosaurus stands over the remains of an abandoned mini-golf course. Photo courtesy Joe Peterson.

Dinosaurs and mini-golf: The two complement each other. Granted, dinosaurs probably wouldn’t have been very good at the pastime—imagine how hard it would be for Carnotaurus to use a putter—but they make for excellent fairway decor. And in some places, the dinosaurs remain even after the mini-golf course has closed. Paleontologist Joe Peterson sent in this example: a Tyrannosaurus standing over a closed course in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Maybe it’s just the position of the hands, but the tyrant seems to be begging. “MOAR TASTY TOURISTS, PLZ?”

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