Dinosaur Sighting: Portugal’s Sandy Dinosaurs

The beach sculpture shows a group of carnivorous dinosaurs chowing down on a sauropod, much like the dinosaurs of the country's Lourinhã Formation must have done


Sand sculpture dinosaurs, as seen in Albufeira, Portugal. Courtesy reader Sean Markey.

I’m not that good making sand sculptures. Give me a pail and a shovel and I can make a rockin’ series of turrets for a sand castle, but the finer points of sand art elude me. That’s why this beach sculpture seen in Albufeira, Portugal is so impressive. Sent in by reader Sean Markey, the art shows a group of carnivorous dinosaurs chowing down on a sauropod dinosaur, much like some of the Late Jurassic dinosaurs of that country’s Lourinhã Formation must have done. I don’t know how likely an Allosaurus would have been to share with a hungry Torvosaurus in real life, though.

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