Dinosaur Sighting: Our Lady of Sauropods

For an April Fool's prank, one of our readers created a burning sauropod


Burning the midnight sauropod. Photo courtesy Cody Burkett.

Dinosaurs are excellent April Fool’s prank inspiration. We want to see a living ceratopsian or tyrannosaur so badly that it’s easy to whip up a fake press report about someone finally finding a surviving non-avian dinosaur. But reader Cody Burkett decided to do something a little different. Burkett explains:

So as an April Fool’s joke this year, I made a sauropod candle, lit it, and put it under the icons at my church, which also happens to be the seminary in which I attend graduate classes.  Everyone seemed to be amused, except for the ecclesiarch, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Have you seen a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature in an unusual place? Please send a photo to dinosaursightings@gmail.com.

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