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Universally Noted
At last count, more than 285 readers have written to point out that in the story "Kilroy Was Here," the "mysterious poem" scrawled on a canvas berth on a Vietnam-bound troopship was adapted from Buffy Sainte-Marie's antiwar song "Universal Soldier." Both the National Museum of American History, which holds the artifact, and the magazine thank readers for the lyrical detective work. —Ed.

Ready for a Close-Up

I was fascinated by "Magnificent Magnifications," which shows beautiful microscopic images. As an art teacher who incorporates science into the visual arts curriculum, I have students paint watercolors based on cell systems and structures. The microscopic world is a rich source of inspiration. Artists spend great energy composing aesthetic images; nature does this effortlessly on an unimaginable scale.

Pigs for Foxes?

In "Fighting for Foxes," about the effort to restore endangered foxes on California's Channel Islands, the statement that "scientists are relocating the golden eagles to the mainland and plan to rid the island of pigs by killing them" made me ill. The pigs may not be endangered, but surely a better solution could be found.

Jean Busby
Manassas, virginia

How does one justify completely exterminating one guiltless species from an area in order to benefit another? The pigs have not caused the problem; man, as usual, has. If it were the pigs that were endangered, would we kill off the foxes? Surely, if we truly wish to conserve nature, we must seek out humane solutions that respect the natural rights of all creatures concerned.

Ken Randall
Hebron, Connecticut


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