Travel | Smithsonian feed for TravelenTue, 09 Feb 2016 17:20:00 +0000These Unusual Border Crossings Are Worth the Wait mountains to cafes, the world is full of strange and beautiful ways to cross into other countries Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:20:00 +0000Mind (and Body) Bending Photos Pay Homage to Yoga's Classical Lineage Michael O'Neill spent a decade documenting the practice that saved his lifeTue, 09 Feb 2016 15:51:32 +0000Bite Back Against Invasive Species at Your Next Meal seaweed to lionfish, invasive species are appearing on menus throughout the U.S.Tue, 09 Feb 2016 14:20:00 +0000Looking for a Winter Getaway? Visit the Sunniest Place on Earth literal oasis in the desert, Yuma, Arizona, the “winter vegetable capital of the world,” offers a warm welcomeTue, 09 Feb 2016 13:30:00 +0000Wyoming Is Turning a Former Cold War Nuclear Missile Site Into a Tourist Attraction U.S. Air Force is working to recreate a Cold War stronghold Mon, 08 Feb 2016 12:30:00 +0000One Man's Epic Rail Journey to the Darjeeling Himalaya grandson retraces adventurer Francis K.I. Baird's mysterious trek to a remote village near the India-Tibet borderFri, 05 Feb 2016 20:54:38 +0000Otherworldly Photos From Inside One of the World's Largest River Caves with cave pearls and home to elusive giant spiders, this cave is one of Laos' hidden treasuresFri, 05 Feb 2016 15:21:43 +0000Nine Unique Gifts You Should Buy in Delhi Wed, 03 Feb 2016 18:27:04 +0000Why Tomato Juice Tastes Better at 37,000 Feet are four times more likely to order tomato juice on a flight than on the ground. Lufthansa wanted to find out why, so they conducted a taste test Wed, 03 Feb 2016 18:27:00 +0000Opening Day for the New African American History Museum Is Announced years in the making, the museum says it will open its doors September 24, 2016Tue, 02 Feb 2016 17:01:56 +0000The Remarkable Cave Temples of Southern India's intricate monuments, many of which are carved into cliffs, date back to the sixth centuryMon, 01 Feb 2016 21:55:44 +0000Get Stuck on New York's Pop Culture With These Historic Stamps new exhibition at the National Postal Museum spotlights Gotham’s cultural impact Fri, 29 Jan 2016 15:58:50 +0000The Beautiful Life Hacks in Hong Kong's Back Alleys a new book, photographer Michael Wolf captures the ways inhabitants of the ultra-dense city carve personal space out of grim alleywaysFri, 29 Jan 2016 15:18:42 +0000The Prehistoric Buzz Shark Has a Modern-Day Hero in Artist Ray Troll an Alaska-based artist helped solve a mystery that baffled paleontologists for over a centuryFri, 29 Jan 2016 14:00:00 +0000Open Range Meets Open Mic at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering year, the world's best cowboy poets gather in Elko, NevadaFri, 29 Jan 2016 13:30:00 +0000The World's Most Scenic Train Rides train rides offer passengers views of some of the world's most stunning landscapesThu, 28 Jan 2016 19:16:35 +0000Here's How You Squeeze the Biggest Dinosaur Into a New York City Museum team of specialists had to get creative to mount a towering Titanosaur inside the American Museum of Natural HistoryThu, 28 Jan 2016 14:00:00 +000012 Secrets of New York's Central Park some little-known facts about this NYC landmarkWed, 27 Jan 2016 19:14:44 +0000Explore the "Magic Towns" of Mexico and legend collide in Mexico’s Pueblos MágicosTue, 26 Jan 2016 19:13:08 +0000When America’s Titans of Industry and Innovation Went Road-Tripping Together Edison, Henry Ford and their friends traveled the country in Model Ts, creating the Great American road trip in the processTue, 26 Jan 2016 14:00:00 +0000Zoo Keepers Hunkered Down with the Animals and Bei Bei Got to Play in the Snow (Photos) few animals got to play outside yesterday, while keepers watched over conditions and took extra precautionsSat, 23 Jan 2016 11:57:59 +0000Why You Should Visit Europe's Two New Capitals of Culture, Poland and San Sebastian, Spain just joined the EU list—and for good reasonFri, 22 Jan 2016 16:00:00 +0000The Airport Animal Lounge You've Never Heard Of large airports like Frankfurt's, there is one building you'll probably never see inside, until now. Take a peek at the Animal LoungeFri, 22 Jan 2016 15:12:04 +0000Meet India's Dinosaur Princess Sultana Babi is doing everything in her power to protect and promote India's most significant fossil parkThu, 21 Jan 2016 17:21:54 +0000The Fall and Rise of a Modern Maharaja to a palace but stripped of his livelihood in the 1970s, Gaj Singh II created a new life dedicated to preserving royal RajasthanThu, 21 Jan 2016 15:44:41 +0000Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: India India with our new Smithsonian Journeys Travel QuarterlyThu, 21 Jan 2016 15:44:14 +0000Local Lens: Life on the Streets of Old Delhi photographer Arjun Chhabra captures raw moments in the city's alleyways and courtyardsThu, 21 Jan 2016 15:42:29 +0000Looking for Delicious, Authentic Cooking in India? Head to a Truck Stop as dhabas, these roadside eateries serving classic meals offer a glimpse into India's culture and customsThu, 21 Jan 2016 15:41:01 +0000A Detachable Airplane Cabin and Other Strange Aviation Ideas recently unveiled concept for a removable, parachute-equipped airplane cabin is only the latest in a long line of far-out designsThu, 21 Jan 2016 14:00:00 +0000The Bumpy Road to Luxury Travel in India throughout India that were originally intended for elephants, horses and camels didn't provide a smooth ride for the maharajas' Rolls-RoyceWed, 20 Jan 2016 19:23:55 +0000Walk the World's Most Meditative Labyrinths meets harmony on these time-worn pathsWed, 20 Jan 2016 17:00:58 +0000Is Ai Weiwei the Andy Warhol of Our Time? new exhibition in Melbourne delves into the connections between the artists who define their generationsTue, 19 Jan 2016 15:54:55 +0000Immerse Yourself in the World's Most Breathtaking Baths ice-encrusted hot tubs to baths made of beer, don't miss these six spectacular soaksFri, 15 Jan 2016 16:18:18 +0000What Makes Tucson Deserving of the Title of the United States' First Capital of Gastronomy Arizona city joins Unesco's growing list of "Creative Cities"Wed, 13 Jan 2016 17:13:02 +0000Portraits of Canada’s Ice Fishing Huts a look at some of Canada's coziest ice fishing hutsWed, 13 Jan 2016 16:46:00 +0000Go Behind the Scenes at America's Most Lucrative Elvis Presley Tribute Contest all shook up with the winners of this year's Tribute to the KingFri, 08 Jan 2016 15:07:29 +0000Visit These Ten Sites Celebrating Major Anniversaries in 2016 Winnie the Pooh's 90th birthday to the National Park Service's centennial, you won't want to miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime eventsThu, 07 Jan 2016 19:07:41 +0000This Mobster Museum Was Once One of New York City's Most Notorious Speakeasies shell casings from Bonnie and Clyde's final shoot out and John Dillinger's death mask in the Museum of the American Gangster's unusual collectionWed, 06 Jan 2016 18:22:56 +0000Why Robert Redford Loves America's National Parks famed actor and director celebrates the great outdoors of the United States in a new dcoumentaryWed, 06 Jan 2016 18:17:57 +0000Seven of the Most Innovative Gyms in the World way beyond free weights and stationary bikes at these clever workout facilitiesWed, 06 Jan 2016 17:43:26 +0000A Journey to the Oldest Cave Paintings in the World discovery in a remote part of Indonesia has scholars rethinking the origins of art—and of humanityWed, 06 Jan 2016 17:35:20 +0000New Exhibition Featuring Picasso, O'Keeffe, Hopper and Many Others Brings Modernism Into Focus artistic risk and adventure of 20th-century modernism is explored at the Smithsonian American Art MuseumTue, 05 Jan 2016 16:37:29 +0000Twelve New Museums to Visit in 2016 you're a fossil hunter, a history buff or a basketball fan, you won't want to miss these 12 must-see museums in the new yearThu, 31 Dec 2015 20:56:45 +0000Seven Must-See Museums in Austria, music and open-air delightsThu, 31 Dec 2015 14:32:32 +0000How Native American Artist Fritz Scholder Forever Changed the Art World exhibit in Denver looks at why we should all be grateful that Scholder broke his wordTue, 29 Dec 2015 14:44:06 +0000An Underwater Museum in Egypt Could Bring Thousands of Sunken Relics Into View proposed site might revive tourism in Alexandria and also further research into the ancient ruinsTue, 29 Dec 2015 14:00:00 +0000All the World's a Frozen Sculpture at China's Ice and Snow Festival flock to one of the country's coldest regions to see the stunning displaysThu, 24 Dec 2015 15:04:07 +0000The Enduring Mystique of the Venetian Lagoon islands barely emerging from the water, you find yourself in an ageless worldWed, 23 Dec 2015 19:04:52 +0000Giant Christmas Displays Are Taking Over Malls Throughout Asia malls know how to get into the holiday spiritWed, 23 Dec 2015 16:32:34 +0000The History of D.C.'s Epic and Unfinished Struggle for Representation and Self-Governance of the federal city was long dictated by Congress until residents took a stand beginning in the 1960sWed, 23 Dec 2015 15:25:21 +0000Our Top Ten Stories of 2015 treasures buried in glaciers to the racial history of a vanished city in Oregon, here are the most-read stories on this yearWed, 23 Dec 2015 13:58:32 +0000From Teeth to Toilets, This Dazzling Exhibit of Gold Artifacts Has the Midas Touch exhibit at New York City's Museum of American Finance tracks the allure of gold through the centuriesTue, 22 Dec 2015 20:07:53 +0000Afghanistan’s Artisans Are Experiencing a New Age of Recognition and Prosperity for a lost city, Turquoise Mountain, an organization that is reviving an ancient craft industry, is bringing artists to the SmithsonianFri, 18 Dec 2015 15:36:27 +0000Behold: The World's Largest (Three-Ton) Gingerbread Village the glory of GingerBread LaneFri, 18 Dec 2015 13:47:24 +0000How the Smithsonian Hopes to Turn Infants, Toddlers and Young Children Into Museumgoers National Museum of American History opens its new "Wonderplace," a space for the youngest members of the familyThu, 17 Dec 2015 16:30:29 +0000These Are the "Star Wars" Exhibitions You Are Looking For your light saber and celebrate the art of the movie series at museums around the worldThu, 17 Dec 2015 15:36:14 +0000Cuba’s Fascinating Babalú-Ayé Procession Honors African and Catholic Traditions December 17, Cubans perform a ritual pilgrimage for a powerful deity that can bring good health or can take it awayWed, 16 Dec 2015 16:39:59 +0000Illegal in Iceland: Quirky Bans From the Land of Fire and Ice historical bans on Basques to modern-day naming restrictions, Iceland's laws leave a lasting impressionWed, 16 Dec 2015 15:03:42 +0000A Renowned, But Forgotten, 17th-Century Japanese Artist Is Once Again Making Waves neglected, the 17th-century Japanese artist Tawaraya Sōtatsu influenced Western art 400 years laterTue, 15 Dec 2015 15:42:23 +0000