Smart News Science | Smithsonian feed for Smart News ScienceenThu, 11 Feb 2016 18:07:04 +0000Here's Why It's So Hard to Smash a Cockroach chased and crushed cockroaches—and their results could one day save lives Thu, 11 Feb 2016 18:07:04 +0000Check Out These Vintage Computer Viruses at the Malware Museum the horror of watching your computer catch a ‘90s-era virusThu, 11 Feb 2016 14:57:06 +0000NASA Went Retro With Their New Space Travel Posters to the world of tomorrow—today! Wed, 10 Feb 2016 20:00:03 +0000Take 360-Degree Tours of Mars and the Moon's neighbors have never seemed so tantalizingly closeWed, 10 Feb 2016 17:19:30 +0000How Children’s Imaginations Inspired This Cool School new Danish kindergarten was envisioned by the way a child might draw a houseWed, 10 Feb 2016 16:00:00 +0000Five Things to Know About Gravitational Waves internet is abuzz with rumors of a big announcement—here are a few things you should know to decipher the newsTue, 09 Feb 2016 19:02:50 +0000Michelangelo May Have Had Arthritis used old portraits and letters to study the master's hands Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:30:00 +0000This Company Just Ditched Artificial Food Dyes food of the future won’t necessarily look less fake—but its ingredient list mightTue, 09 Feb 2016 16:43:29 +0000Watch a Japanese Volcano Put on a Spectacular Show and lava? No biggieMon, 08 Feb 2016 17:37:03 +0000A New Experimental Fusion Reactor Powers Up in Germany reactor's first test was brief but successfulMon, 08 Feb 2016 15:56:00 +0000U.S Panel Deems "Three Parent Babies" Ethical to Test replacement therapy could help prevent genetic diseasesMon, 08 Feb 2016 13:00:00 +0000The Only Known Jaguar in America Was Finally Caught on Video“El Jefe” made a rare appearance in ArizonaFri, 05 Feb 2016 20:30:08 +0000Here's the Latest on Penguins invasive "fairies" to huddling chicks, penguins are the perfect pick-me-upFri, 05 Feb 2016 17:00:17 +0000Infants Can See Things That Adults Cannot time, our brains start filtering out details deemed unimportantFri, 05 Feb 2016 13:00:00 +0000Women "Catch" Yawns More Easily Than Men sneakily observed thousands of interactions to see if gender made a difference in the contagiousness of yawningThu, 04 Feb 2016 20:04:33 +0000Jurassic-Era Insect Looks Just Like a Modern Butterfly "butterflies" helped pollinate ancient plants millions of years before the butterfly even existedThu, 04 Feb 2016 19:35:21 +0000Venus Flytraps Know How to Count out when to chomp is as easy as one, two, three, four, fiveThu, 04 Feb 2016 13:00:00 +0000Check Out This Scale Replica of The International Space Station you’re in orbit without ever leaving the groundThu, 04 Feb 2016 12:30:00 +0000A Chin-Stroking Mystery: Why Are Humans the Only Animals With Chins?'s an evolutionary conundrum and scientists are still divided over the answerTue, 02 Feb 2016 17:17:04 +0000British Scientists Get Permission to Genetically Modify Human Embryos for Research scientists plan to use genetic engineering techniques to study infertilityMon, 01 Feb 2016 19:07:19 +0000The Moon's Tidal Forces May Affect How Much It Rains higher the moon, the lower the chance of rainMon, 01 Feb 2016 17:09:40 +0000Stalin May Have Studied Mao’s Poop in a Secret Lab a whiff of this stranger-than-fiction story of political paranoia and Soviet scienceFri, 29 Jan 2016 18:15:00 +0000At Least 17 Sperm Whales Washed Up on North Sea Shores cause of the cetacean tragedy is still a mysteryFri, 29 Jan 2016 17:13:02 +0000The Curious History of The International Flat Earth Society recent resurgence of this ancient idea reminds us that flat Earth believers have a long historyFri, 29 Jan 2016 13:00:00 +0000Rare White Giraffe Survived Her First Year 15-month old calf has so far survived possible predation from lions, leopards, hyenas and human poachersWed, 27 Jan 2016 18:21:38 +0000Argentina Battles a Plague of Locusts, Surging After Mild Winters and officials are racing to get massive swarms under controlWed, 27 Jan 2016 15:11:40 +0000Beloved Giant Turtle Dies, Leaving Only Three Alive on Earth recent death of Cu Rua pushes the Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle to the brink of extinctionTue, 26 Jan 2016 21:01:38 +0000The Doomsday Clock's Hands Will Stay Put for Now agree—when it comes to nuclear weapons and climate change, it's still three minutes until midnightTue, 26 Jan 2016 19:30:00 +0000Zebra Stripes Might Not Be Camouflage animals’ distinctive appearance is still a beautiful mysteryMon, 25 Jan 2016 19:32:48 +0000Describe Your Coffee With Science's an art—and a lot of science—to a consistent cup of coffeeMon, 25 Jan 2016 14:00:00 +0000There Are Now More Americans Over Age 100 and They're Living Longer Than Ever are still trying to understand the longevity secrets of those most advanced in ageFri, 22 Jan 2016 20:30:35 +0000Are We Living in the Plastic Age? argue that this material may best define our current period within the AnthropoceneFri, 22 Jan 2016 17:12:14 +0000Scientists Rediscover a Tree Frog Thought to Be Extinct for Over a Century seen in 1870, Jerdon’s tree frog is alive and (mostly) well in IndiaThu, 21 Jan 2016 21:07:19 +0000It's Official: 2015 Was the Hottest Year in Over a Century strong El Niño helped global temperatures reach new highsThu, 21 Jan 2016 18:40:55 +0000How a Russian Space Mirror Briefly Lit Up the Night 1993, the 65-foot-diameter satellite, called Znamya, briefly lit the Earth like a giant orbiting night lightThu, 21 Jan 2016 17:52:28 +0000Evidence Stacks Up for a Planet Beyond Pluto new paper provides the strongest evidence yet for a real Planet XWed, 20 Jan 2016 20:54:59 +0000Missouri Mathematicians Discover New Prime Number more than 22 million digits, it’s the longest prime yetWed, 20 Jan 2016 18:40:11 +0000Overfishing Has Been Even Worse Than We Thought counts previously overlooked fish as bycatch, small-scale fishing and illegal fishingWed, 20 Jan 2016 16:57:40 +0000Don't Miss This Month's Rare Planetary Alignment planets will appear together in the sky—all visible to the naked eye Wed, 20 Jan 2016 12:00:00 +0000NASA Captures Mesmerizing Video of Cascading Magnetic Arches on the Sun magnetic waves triggered spectacular explosions on the sun’s surfaceTue, 19 Jan 2016 20:46:31 +0000Signs of Food Allergies Might Be in Newborns' Blood immune cells could prime the immune system to attack normally harmless molecules found in foodTue, 19 Jan 2016 13:00:00 +0000Check Out the First Flower Grown in Space was a close call for this brilliant orange zinniaMon, 18 Jan 2016 20:00:00 +0000Sunday's SpaceX Landing Didn't Exactly Go as Planned made it to orbit—but the company's Falcon 9 rocket didn't make it back to Earth in one pieceMon, 18 Jan 2016 16:59:45 +0000Half of NASA's Newest Astronaut Class Are Women years after NASA hired its first female astronauts, four women are training to go to MarsMon, 18 Jan 2016 12:30:00 +0000The Brightest Supernova Ever Observed Tests the Limits of Physics explosion blazes about 570 billion times brighter than our Sun, according to researchersFri, 15 Jan 2016 19:24:25 +0000Juno Is Now Humanity’s Furthest-Flung Solar-Powered Craft with over 18,000 solar cells, the Jupiter orbiter is taking solar-fueled space exploration to new lengthsFri, 15 Jan 2016 18:44:50 +0000A Rare Winter Hurricane Is Making a Beeline for the Azores is the first January Atlantic hurricane to form in almost 80 yearsThu, 14 Jan 2016 21:24:16 +0000 Star Light, Star Bright, Here's Why the Heavens Look Brighter Tonight’s not just because the air is clearerThu, 14 Jan 2016 16:40:00 +0000Here's Why Nobody Made It Up Mount Everest Last Year the first time in over four decades, red tape and poor conditions prevented any climbers from conquering the mountainThu, 14 Jan 2016 16:18:43 +0000Was the "Wow!" Signal From Aliens or a Comet Flyby? 1977 blast from space is often cited as our best evidence of alien contact, but a news study suggests it may have just been cometsThu, 14 Jan 2016 15:21:30 +0000Incandescent Light Bulbs May Have a Bright Future After All could turn the inefficient bulbs’ weakness into a strengthTue, 12 Jan 2016 19:51:18 +0000Geneticists Figured Out How Animals Get Their White Spots answer could help people with certain genetic conditions and diseasesMon, 11 Jan 2016 19:02:22 +0000Scientists Are Trying to Get in Touch With Philae One Last Time Comet 67P hurtles further and further away, it's taking the 'little lander that could' along with it Mon, 11 Jan 2016 18:30:00 +0000Microbe Cells Don't Outnumber Your Own years people have cited the ten-to-one ratio, with microbes dominating human cells, but that number is probably wrong, according to recent researchMon, 11 Jan 2016 16:35:13 +00004.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Found in the Australian Desert 3.7 pound rock could help scientists learn about Earth's originsFri, 08 Jan 2016 16:18:45 +0000Old, Dense Star Clusters Might Be the Place to Look for Complex Alien Life age and density of globular star clusters could give alien life both the time and resources necessary to brew complex societyFri, 08 Jan 2016 14:52:43 +0000The London Zoo Is Making its Annual Headcount This Week every animal is present and accounted forThu, 07 Jan 2016 13:30:00 +0000Scientists Trained Monitor Lizards Not to Chow Down on Poisonous Toads they did it by feeding them smaller and less-poisonous toadsThu, 07 Jan 2016 13:00:00 +0000This Ancient Grain May Have Helped Humans Become Farmers's short growing season and low water needs might also benefit a modern world stressed by climate changeThu, 07 Jan 2016 11:00:00 +0000Popular Brain Game Maker Luminosity Faces a Fine for False Advertising science doesn’t back up the claims that playing memory and attention games can prevent mental declineWed, 06 Jan 2016 20:17:13 +0000What’s the Difference Between an A-Bomb and an H-Bomb? North Korea’s alleged nuclear test is drawing skepticism and fear alikeWed, 06 Jan 2016 18:52:34 +0000New Street Lamps Lure Mosquitoes With Fake Human Scents the way in the fight against mosquitosWed, 06 Jan 2016 14:30:00 +0000Tiny Chameleon’s Tongue Can Beat the Fastest Sports Car Rosette-nosed Pygmy Chameleon can launch its tongue toward prey at 8,500 feet per secondWed, 06 Jan 2016 13:30:00 +0000This Image of the Universe Captures Its Immensity, planets, galaxies and the cosmic web crowd together in this portrait of everything knownTue, 05 Jan 2016 13:00:00 +0000Hawaii’s Humpback Whales Have Gone Missing expect about 10,000 whales to visit Hawaii's tropical waters this winter—but they're taking their timeMon, 04 Jan 2016 18:30:00 +0000Four New Elements Are Added to the Periodic Table elements round out the seventh row of the periodic tableMon, 04 Jan 2016 18:00:02 +0000D.C. Is Banning Plastic Foam in 2016 adios to polystyrene takeout containersThu, 31 Dec 2015 16:35:22 +0000Long-Lost Photos of Eclipses and Stars Found in an Observatory Basement stash of old negatives includes a 97-year-old copy of the photo that helped confirm the Theory of RelativityThu, 31 Dec 2015 14:00:00 +0000Introducing the First Dengue Fever Vaccine countries have already approved the vaccineThu, 31 Dec 2015 13:30:00 +0000Night Sky Wonders to Ring in the New Year star Sirius is high in the sky, and comet Catalina is at its brightestThu, 31 Dec 2015 13:00:00 +0000This Year's El Niño Looks Menacingly Familiar world is bracing for record rains and droughts Wed, 30 Dec 2015 19:47:08 +0000Gonorrhea Is Developing Antibiotic Resistance public health officials are scared of what comes nextTue, 29 Dec 2015 18:30:50 +0000This Is What a Massive Methane Leak Looks Like leak is spewing millions of tons of the invisible gas into the skies above Los AngelesTue, 29 Dec 2015 17:18:07 +0000People's Brain Chemistry May Reveal the Hour of Their Death tiny biological clocks ticking away inside the body stop when life ends, leaving a timestamp of sortsTue, 29 Dec 2015 16:45:58 +0000A Giant Squid Visits a Japanese Harbor denizens of the deep usually lurk between 2,000 to 3,000 feet below the surfaceMon, 28 Dec 2015 20:45:00 +0000Russia Scraps Space Agency for a State-Run Corporation Russia's federal space agency will soon be no moreMon, 28 Dec 2015 19:45:00 +0000Jettison Through Nearly 60 Years of Space Junk Accumulation have been leaving a mess out in Earth's orbitMon, 28 Dec 2015 18:45:00 +0000A New Species of Shark Gives a Hat Tip to Both Jaws and Ninjas lucky kids got to name this gnarly-looking fishThu, 24 Dec 2015 16:00:22 +0000China’s Lunar Rover Discovered a New Kind of Moon Rock Yutu Rover has discovered a type of basalt unlike anything else ever found on the moonThu, 24 Dec 2015 15:37:14 +0000Washington State Has Released up to 3,200 Inmates Early Thanks to Computer Glitch software bug has been miscalculating release dates for 13 yearsWed, 23 Dec 2015 22:00:01 +0000Here's Why NASA Had to Postpone a 2016 Mission to Mars leak in a key instrument on board the InSight lander means the team will have to wait for the next launch window in 2018Wed, 23 Dec 2015 17:00:00 +0000Meet the World’s Most Threatened Christmas Trees conifers' survival is endangered by disease, deforestation and competition Wed, 23 Dec 2015 13:30:48 +0000In Nature, Virgin Births Are Pretty Common do it, bugs do it, even some species of snakes do itWed, 23 Dec 2015 12:00:53 +0000The FDA Lifted a Lifetime Ban on Gay and Bisexual Men Giving Blood did it?Tue, 22 Dec 2015 19:00:00 +0000They’re Back: Supposedly Extinct Sea Snakes Have Been Found in Australia 15 years later and about 1,000 miles away from the last sighting, the snakes could be making a comebackTue, 22 Dec 2015 18:43:01 +0000Scientists Are Searching for Space Chemicals That Could Never Exist on Earth chemicals in deep space could help explain the origins of lifeTue, 22 Dec 2015 18:00:00 +0000SpaceX's Rocket Stuck the Landing the first Falcon 9 launch in six months, the first stage booster rocket make a neat u-turn in air and a clean landing on the groundTue, 22 Dec 2015 17:39:50 +0000Not All Rainbows Have Every Color on the angle of the sun, ROY G. BIV don't all necessarily appearTue, 22 Dec 2015 17:10:01 +0000Lions Get More Protection From the Endangered Species Act will still be able to hunt in some regions, but bringing trophies home will be harderMon, 21 Dec 2015 20:49:37 +0000In Parts of China, Clean Air Costs Extra are being charged for fresh airMon, 21 Dec 2015 18:00:49 +0000This Weekend's Southern Lights Were Nothing Short of Spectacular Northern Hemisphere hasn't yet cornered the market for glorious auroraeMon, 21 Dec 2015 17:24:37 +0000How Do Hardworking Hummingbirds Keep Cool? “windows” in the feathers covering their tiny bodies prevent overheating while hovering and flyingFri, 18 Dec 2015 20:30:00 +0000Darwin's “Puddle” Could Show How New Species Emerge in Close Quarters genetic study of cichlid fish in a small crater lake seems to support a debated evolutionary conceptFri, 18 Dec 2015 19:40:46 +0000Two Sparkling Meteor Showers Will Bookend the New Year should be on the lookout in coming weeks for the Ursid and Quadrantid showersFri, 18 Dec 2015 18:00:00 +0000These Parrots Use Pebbles as Tools to Grind up Seashells want a mineral supplement?Fri, 18 Dec 2015 16:52:53 +0000Toxic Algae Blooms in Lake Erie Could Become the New Normal to reduce fertilizer runoff may not be enough to counter the blooms when climate change is taken into accountThu, 17 Dec 2015 21:33:48 +0000Shockingly, Pandas That Like Each Other Have More Babies Together deceptively simple discovery could revolutionize panda breedingThu, 17 Dec 2015 18:00:00 +0000Logbooks From 19th Century Whaling Ships Could Help Climate Change Scientists new crowdsourcing project lets amateur enthusiasts contribute, tooThu, 17 Dec 2015 16:30:47 +0000Monkeys Like Full Red Lips, Too snub-nosed monkeys, male lips plump up and redden as they age, likely to signify reproductive availability and social statusThu, 17 Dec 2015 14:00:00 +0000Scientists Increasingly Describe Their Research As "Astounding" eyebrow-raising finding is just one of several papers published in the British Medical Journal's traditionally lighthearted Christmas issueThu, 17 Dec 2015 13:00:00 +0000Poltergeist and Quijote Are Among the New Approved Names for Alien Planets in 45 countries submitted ideas for naming exoplanets and their host stars after legends and literatureWed, 16 Dec 2015 14:00:00 +0000Is Global Warming Changing How Fast the Earth Spins? research suggests that as glaciers melt, the planet's axis is shiftingTue, 15 Dec 2015 19:36:16 +0000Four Things to Know About the Paris Climate Deal strengths and limitations of the roadmap for fighting climate changeTue, 15 Dec 2015 18:30:00 +0000These Are the World’s Most Dangerous Emerging Pathogens, According to WHO may not know their names, but health officials are concerned about the epidemic potential of these illnessesTue, 15 Dec 2015 17:00:00 +0000Jakarta Is Building a Gigantic Bird-Shaped Seawall will the Great Garuda project be enough to save a sinking city? Mon, 14 Dec 2015 16:36:00 +0000