Smart News Science | Smithsonian feed for Smart News ScienceenFri, 27 May 2016 15:53:21 +0000Neanderthals Built Mysterious Stalagmite Semicircles why?Fri, 27 May 2016 15:53:21 +0000Five Landmarks Threatened by Climate Change a warming planet destroy humankinds' most precious cultural treasures? Fri, 27 May 2016 13:52:43 +0000Tune Into the Smashing Sounds of Large Hadron Collider Data in Real Time made by groundbreaking physicsThu, 26 May 2016 17:40:00 +0000Poverty Linked to DNA Changes That Could Lead to Mental Illness a better understanding of the biomarkers of lower socieconomic status help raise kids out of poverty? Wed, 25 May 2016 18:57:16 +0000Young Adults Are More Likely to Live at Home Than With Significant Others Mom's basement the battlefield for a new social groundswell? Tue, 24 May 2016 20:03:14 +0000Bug Poop Is Turning the Taj Mahal Green make matters worse, constant cleaning is damaging the monument’s delicate marbleTue, 24 May 2016 19:33:02 +0000Where Red Birds Get Their Vibrant Hues studies identify the same gene that makes red birds crimson—and perhaps helps them shed toxins, tooMon, 23 May 2016 19:44:19 +0000Four People Have Died on Everest in as Many Days mountain's terrible toll has set the 2016 climbing season off to a rocky start Mon, 23 May 2016 18:20:00 +0000India’s Space Agency Just Launched a Mini Space Shuttle small step towards a cheaper space programMon, 23 May 2016 17:27:29 +0000The "Antibiotic Apocalypse" Is Upon Us: Five Ways We Can Turn Things Around diseases kill 700,000 people per year, but a new report shows all hope is not lostFri, 20 May 2016 18:56:39 +0000Nile Crocodiles Have Moved to Florida "unusual" crocodilians turned out to be more closely related to South African crocs than American onesFri, 20 May 2016 18:32:26 +0000Say Goodbye to a Historic El Niño and Hello to La Niña are looking ripe for the cooler climate pattern to take over in the PacificFri, 20 May 2016 14:26:12 +0000Conservationists Are Worried That “Finding Dory” Could Be Bad for Exotic Fish and Dory make for problematic petsFri, 20 May 2016 13:46:20 +0000"Sleeping" Birch Trees Rest Their Branches at Night laser scans of trees in Finland and Austria, researchers tracked interesting arboreal behavior Fri, 20 May 2016 10:00:00 +0000Brewery Introduces Edible, Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings Brewery's new packaging is made of beer byproducts and can be eaten by sea lifeThu, 19 May 2016 16:44:06 +0000New Report Says Genetically Engineered Crops Are Safe—But It's Complicated National Academies of Science looked at over 900 studies on GMOs. Here are the five things you need to know Thu, 19 May 2016 15:56:54 +0000The Red Planet and Summer Triangle Will Soon Shine Bright is swooping closer to the Earth this week while the Summer Triangle rises in the skyWed, 18 May 2016 17:47:33 +0000It’s Lamprey Breeding Time in Britain bloodsucking fish are returning rivers that were once too polluted for them to live inWed, 18 May 2016 10:00:00 +0000Climate Fight Moves From the Streets to the Courts actions by both youth and state attorneys are making climate change a legal issue, not just an environmental causeTue, 17 May 2016 18:58:31 +0000Rare Beaked Whale Washes Ashore in Australia unusual teeth, the young female offers researchers a chance to study an elusive cetaceanTue, 17 May 2016 16:51:02 +0000Baby Bison Euthanized After Tourists Try to "Save" It't touch the wildlifeTue, 17 May 2016 15:56:22 +0000Astronomers Recreate Ancient Skies to Date a Nearly 2,600-Year-Old Greek Poem narrow down the dates for when the lonely poet Sappho wrote "Midnight Poem"Mon, 16 May 2016 16:23:11 +0000Massive Effort Underway to Recover More Than 700 Migrants Drowned at Sea scientists hope to use DNA to identify the remainsMon, 16 May 2016 14:44:29 +0000NASA Finally Caught This Crazy Space Weather in Action interactions between the Earth and the Sun’s magnetic fields drive explosive space weatherFri, 13 May 2016 20:36:11 +0000See Mercury's Landscape in Stunning Detail new map of the planet's surface captures the depths of craters and the peaks of volcanic mountainsFri, 13 May 2016 16:04:54 +0000Mice Show How the Zika Virus Can Cause Birth Defects new study offers the first experimental evidence of the virus crossing the placenta and damaging fetal brainsThu, 12 May 2016 10:00:00 +0000Kepler Discovers More Than 1,000 New Exoplanets space telescope is still alive and kickingTue, 10 May 2016 20:54:05 +0000New Polymer Successfully Smooths Wrinkles "second skin" tightens wrinkles and could be used to cover wounds as well as deliver medicationsTue, 10 May 2016 17:20:40 +0000Wasting Disease Clears Way for Young Sea Stars, for Now or not the devastated populations are on the road to recovery remains uncertainTue, 10 May 2016 17:03:15 +0000Leprosy Threatens U.K. Red Squirrel Populations have launched a new study to try to save the furry rodentsTue, 10 May 2016 14:58:43 +0000The Bison Is Now the Official Mammal of the United States big beasts are the first official mammals recognized by the federal governmentMon, 09 May 2016 20:07:42 +0000Will Luxembourg Lead the Race for Space Mining? tiny nation announced its private industry partners for asteroid miningMon, 09 May 2016 19:03:09 +0000Brawny American Lobsters Are Muscling in on Their European Cousins wants to ban live American lobsters for fear they will out-claw their ownMon, 09 May 2016 17:13:58 +0000What Caused the 2011 D.C. Earthquake? thinning mantle led to the 5.8 magnitude shake in the Southeast, and more may be in storeMon, 09 May 2016 14:28:36 +0000Fossil Hunters Uncover 71-Million-Year-Old Trove in Antarctica a plane flight, boat ride, helicopter lift and a lot of hiking, the scientists returned with a massive cache of fossilsFri, 06 May 2016 18:24:18 +0000These Little-Known Nuns Helped Map the Stars century later, the identities of women who mapped over 481,000 stars are finally knownFri, 06 May 2016 15:43:57 +0000Australians Make Beer Out of Belly Button Lint's 7 Cent Brewery will debut a Belgian-style Witbier later this month brewed using yeast strains cultivated from its founders' navelsFri, 06 May 2016 14:21:31 +0000The Oldest Species May Win in the Race to Survive Climate Change's survival of the fittest, and the oldest may be the fittest, new study saysThu, 05 May 2016 19:07:13 +0000Drought Forces Zimbabwe to Sell Its Wild Animals food and water shortages, the country hopes to save it's wildlifeThu, 05 May 2016 17:41:52 +0000Say Au Revoir to France's Foie Gras (Only For a Bit) flu fuels foie gras fearsThu, 05 May 2016 16:41:36 +0000NASA Announces World's New Lightning Hotspot electric capital tops the charts with lightning storms 297 nights per yearThu, 05 May 2016 14:35:00 +0000Why Are Chilean Beaches Covered With Dead Animals? waters have turned the country's once-pristine coast into a putrid sightWed, 04 May 2016 19:35:03 +0000For The First Time in a Decade, Watch Mercury Cross the Sun's Face week's transit of Mercury is one of the major astronomical events of the yearWed, 04 May 2016 17:48:09 +0000The U.S. Has a Massive Cheese Surplus 1.19 billion pounds of cached cheeseWed, 04 May 2016 15:45:56 +0000Yellowstone’s Most Famous Bear Is Dead shot “Scarface”?Tue, 03 May 2016 18:20:00 +0000Boiling Water Could Explain Mysterious Dark Streaks on Mars simulate some of the Red Planet's unique features in an Earth-bound chamberTue, 03 May 2016 15:23:25 +0000Between Bleaching and Boats, Florida’s Coral Reefs Are Struggling to Survive reefs are crumbling in acidifying waters and buried from dredging, according to new reportsTue, 03 May 2016 14:48:54 +0000Nepal Celebrates Two Years Free From Rhino Poaching education and a law enforcement crackdown has helped the tiny nation keep its rhinos safe for 730 days in a rowMon, 02 May 2016 17:02:13 +0000Deep-Sea Researchers Spot a Mysterious Jellyfish Near The Mariana Trench glowing jellyfish was previously unknown to scienceMon, 02 May 2016 16:37:27 +0000Eerie Footage of Over 100 Tons of Burning Ivory Kenyan government burned tusks from over 6,000 elephants to reduce stockpiles of ivory and raise awareness of poachingMon, 02 May 2016 16:20:00 +0000Meteors Will Streak the Skies This Week Thanks to Halley’s Comet't miss this annual showMon, 02 May 2016 15:23:39 +0000Scientists Use "The Moth Radio Hour" to Create Brain Atlas a functional MRI, scientists created a visual dictionary to show how areas of the brain process languageFri, 29 Apr 2016 18:50:38 +0000Astronomers Deploy a Laser System for a Clearer View of the Skies new four-laser system at the Paranal Observatory will help the massive telescope compensate for atmospheric turbulenceFri, 29 Apr 2016 14:05:00 +0000Ancient Arabic Text Shines Light on Massive Supernova new look at records from an ancient astronomer yields insights into one of the brighest supernovas ever seen from EarthFri, 29 Apr 2016 13:46:10 +0000Eating Toxic Algae Might Make Some Plankton Act Drunk it may seem funny, it could have serious environmental consequencesFri, 29 Apr 2016 10:00:00 +0000Over 9,000 Years Later, Kennewick Man Will Be Given a Native American Burial Native American nations will join together to bury his remainsThu, 28 Apr 2016 20:15:21 +0000Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Had Great Eyesight and a Droopy Head weighed as much as two elephants but had a brain the size of a limeWed, 27 Apr 2016 18:49:26 +0000Hubble Spies a Tiny Moon Orbiting Dwarf Planet Makemake solar system still has plenty of surprisesWed, 27 Apr 2016 18:10:37 +0000Japanese Priests Collected Almost Seven Centuries of Climate Data records from "citizen scientists" in Japan and Finland give researchers centuries of data on ice conditionsWed, 27 Apr 2016 16:07:03 +0000Audubon Pranked Fellow Naturalist by Making Up Fake Rodents with naturalist and houseguest Constantine Rafinesque, John J. Audubon dreamed up 28 non-existent speciesWed, 27 Apr 2016 14:32:03 +0000"Shark Vision" Shines Light on Biofluorescent Species a specially designed filter, divers uncovered the glowing patterns on the skin of catsharksTue, 26 Apr 2016 19:46:59 +0000Take in the Beauty of This Gravity Web That Connects Galaxies Across the Universe new simulation visualizes how distant galaxies might be connectedTue, 26 Apr 2016 17:40:00 +0000Thirty Years Later, a Gigantic Arch Is Set to Cover Chernobyl New Safe Confinement is one of history’s most ambitious engineering projects—and it comes not a moment too soonTue, 26 Apr 2016 16:16:08 +0000Fire Devastates New Delhi's National Museum of Natural History late night blaze guts one of India's favorite museums, destroying valuable collections and exhibitsTue, 26 Apr 2016 16:00:02 +0000Explore 300 Terabytes of CERN Data Now Free to Download’s latest data dump includes raw information from the Large Hadron ColliderMon, 25 Apr 2016 17:06:01 +0000This “Sweaty” Billboard Kills Mosquitoes gimmick or Zika-fighting innovation?Mon, 25 Apr 2016 15:46:44 +0000Bed Bugs Are Picky About Certain Colors don’t buy new sheets just yetMon, 25 Apr 2016 15:08:22 +0000Marijuana Advocates Want to Establish a Standard Unit of Highness’s the weed equivalent to an alcoholic drink?Fri, 22 Apr 2016 18:25:53 +0000The Hubble Scoped This Space Bubble Just in Time For Its Birthday Hubble Telescope has been in orbit for 26 yearsFri, 22 Apr 2016 15:00:40 +0000Damien Hirst's Artworks May Leak Formaldehyde Gas does art end and hazard begin?Thu, 21 Apr 2016 18:40:02 +000021 Million Years Ago, Monkeys May Have Floated to North America on Rafts teeth in Panama show monkeys made it to Central America, probably on floating mats of vegetationThu, 21 Apr 2016 18:30:00 +0000How Indonesia’s “Death Zoo” Got Its Grisly Reputation Rama the tiger’s demise prompt action at a zoo known for its filthy, overcrowded conditions?Thu, 21 Apr 2016 17:43:48 +0000Three People Hit With Criminal Charges Over Flint Water Crisis state officials and a city employee are the first to be charged in connection with the Flint water crisisThu, 21 Apr 2016 14:15:04 +0000Mass Bleaching Destroys Swaths of the Great Barrier Reef show that 55 percent of reefs surveyed were severely affected by high water temperatures, with half of those expected to dieWed, 20 Apr 2016 19:09:42 +0000More Than Half of All Americans Breathe Polluted Air million people a year are exposed to air that’s too dangerous to breatheWed, 20 Apr 2016 18:26:07 +0000Every City Has a Unique Microbial “Fingerprint” architecture to microbes, every city is differentWed, 20 Apr 2016 14:05:37 +0000Do Insects Have Consciousness and Ego? brains of insects are similar to a structure in human brains, which could show a rudimentary form of consciousnessTue, 19 Apr 2016 18:23:26 +0000Watch Earth's Atmosphere Brilliantly Light Up From Space glow isn't from an aurora, it's a phenomena called airglowTue, 19 Apr 2016 15:53:02 +0000Vaccine Switch Marks a New (and Hopefully Last) Stage in the Battle With Polio the weekend, health officials began replacing the current polio vaccination in an effort to wipe out one of three strains of the virusMon, 18 Apr 2016 17:54:51 +0000The Northeast Prepares for Swarms of Cicadas This Spring of red-eyed cicadas will emerge from the earth in much of the northeast this spring, part of a 17-year-cycleMon, 18 Apr 2016 16:45:00 +0000Your Body Could One Day Be a Computer Display screen time—a new technology is all about skin timeMon, 18 Apr 2016 16:17:24 +0000Scientists Catalog Creatures in Every Corner of Los Angeles a huge citizen science project, scientists are turning to an urban environment to seek out biodiversityMon, 18 Apr 2016 11:00:00 +0000Your High-End Perfume Is Likely Part Whale Mucus single pound of "whale vomit" can be worth tens of thousands of dollarsThu, 14 Apr 2016 18:52:19 +0000Scientists Discovered Exoplanets More Than 70 Years Earlier Than Thought 1917 glass plate discovered in an observatory archive records the first evidence of exoplanetsThu, 14 Apr 2016 15:00:53 +0000Watch a Massive Swarm of Crabs Scuttling Along The Ocean Floor biologists say this behavior has never been seen beforeWed, 13 Apr 2016 12:00:00 +0000Stephen Hawking and Billionaire Announce Project to Send Tiny Probes to Nearest Star System Milner is investing 100 million dollars in research to develop a swarm of tiny probes for a mission to Alpha CentauriTue, 12 Apr 2016 22:57:21 +0000Human Diseases May Have Doomed the Neanderthals ulcers, herpes, ringworm and other tropical diseases may have all contributed to the Neanderthal demiseTue, 12 Apr 2016 16:10:54 +0000Can Great Apes Be Vaccinated Against Ebola and Other Diseases? could be the best defense against devastating population dropsTue, 12 Apr 2016 14:26:33 +0000Radioactive Boars Rampage Around Fukushima boom in the wild boar population is causing problems for farmers near the site of the 2011 nuclear disasterTue, 12 Apr 2016 12:00:00 +0000The Poor’s Life Expectancy Varies Based on Where They Live life expectancy gap between New York and Gary, Indiana is over four yearsMon, 11 Apr 2016 19:08:12 +0000After Decades of Decline, Tiger Populations Could Be on the Rise the latest numbers seem hopeful, the majestic creatures are not out of the woods yetMon, 11 Apr 2016 18:26:45 +0000Isaac Newton Used This Recipe in His Hunt to Make a Philosopher’s Stone recently publicized document was kept in a private collection for many yearsMon, 11 Apr 2016 16:07:42 +0000The Planet-Hunting Kepler Telescope Entered Emergency Mode probe suddenly went into a safe mode for unknown reasons last weekMon, 11 Apr 2016 15:39:10 +0000Researchers Piece Together Ancient Plesiosaur Attack examining bite marks on a 70-million-year old diving bird, researchers figure out who tried to have it for dinnerFri, 08 Apr 2016 18:57:24 +0000Humans and Neanderthals May Have Had Trouble Making Male Babies Neanderthal Y chromosome hasn't persisted in modern humansFri, 08 Apr 2016 16:45:58 +0000Supermassive Black Holes May Be More Common Than Previously Thought have found a huge black hole in a "cosmic backwater," opening the possiblity there could be many more in the universeThu, 07 Apr 2016 19:24:13 +0000Pig Heart Beat for Over Two Years in Baboon's Belly take big step forward in the quest to develop cross-species organ transplantsThu, 07 Apr 2016 18:30:00 +0000Radioactive Isotopes in The Oceans May Be Remnants of Ancient Supernovae dust may have altered life on Earth as we know itThu, 07 Apr 2016 16:47:09 +0000Three Things to Know About the Newly-Discovered State of Matter’s more to matter than just solids, liquids and gasesWed, 06 Apr 2016 18:49:34 +0000Green Sea Turtles Are No Longer Endangered in Florida and Mexico of conservation efforts have led authorities to downgrade the turtles to threatened, though many challenges still remainWed, 06 Apr 2016 17:21:29 +0000Sneak a Peek at the Multi-Million Dollar Meteorites Soon up for Sale's is auctioning off dozens of rare and important meteorites, including pieces of the rock that exploded over Russia in 2013Wed, 06 Apr 2016 12:00:00 +0000Eco-Celebrity Crane Inspires Wetland Protection in Taiwan endangered Siberian crane that has made Taiwan home is inspiring locals to protect the wetlandsTue, 05 Apr 2016 19:20:00 +0000NOAA Just Moved to Protect Puny Fish a new ban is a big deal for the ocean's tiniest creaturesTue, 05 Apr 2016 18:20:00 +0000Don’t Worry: Eating Quinoa Doesn't Hurt Peruvian Farmers new study shows that the grain helps rather than hurtsFri, 01 Apr 2016 18:03:51 +0000White-Nose Syndrome Detected in Bats West of the Rockies for the First Time fungal disease, which has devastated bat populations in the Eastern U.S., has now shown up in Washington stateFri, 01 Apr 2016 17:09:09 +0000What's Over the Horizon? These New Maps Will Show You Woodruff's line of sight maps show what you're facing from any coastline in the worldFri, 01 Apr 2016 16:52:32 +0000Researchers Make Cyborg Beetles a Reality with microprocessor-equipped backpacks, scientists can control the beetle's steps via remote controlFri, 01 Apr 2016 16:35:24 +0000NASA Scientists Are Trying to Make Medicine Onboard the ISS are sending fungi to the space station to see what pharmaceuticals astronauts can brewWed, 30 Mar 2016 19:20:00 +0000305-Million-Year-Old Fossil Helps Unravel the Spider's Evolutionary Web spider look-alike shows what separates modern spiders from their ancient eight-legged cousinsWed, 30 Mar 2016 18:47:54 +0000Amateur Astronomers Capture an Asteroid or Comet Colliding With Jupiter object recently exploded in the atmosphere of the solar system's largest planetWed, 30 Mar 2016 16:33:06 +0000Dog Owners Beware, DNA in Dog Poop Could Be Used to Track You Down Chicago apartment building is trying out a new scheme to catch four-legged offenders and their humansWed, 30 Mar 2016 13:00:00 +0000Genetically Pure Bison Will Return to Montana After 100 Years in Exile week, the Blackfeet Tribe will receive 89 buffalo calves that descended from Montana stock in a Canadian National ParkTue, 29 Mar 2016 18:30:50 +0000New USGS Map Shows Man-Made Earthquakes Are on the Rise updated earthquake hazard map shows seven million more Americans are at risk of quakesTue, 29 Mar 2016 16:10:28 +0000Future Moon Bases Might Be Built in Underground Lava Tubes carved out by ancient lava could shelter astronauts from the hazards of moon lifeTue, 29 Mar 2016 15:49:35 +0000Tesla vs. Edison Is a Video Game That Will Literally Shock You the 'War of the Currents'Tue, 29 Mar 2016 12:30:00 +0000