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A Rock Climber Scales Cliffs Without Using His Hands British rock climber Johnny Dawes puts a twist on his sportThu, 16 Apr 2015 17:40:48 +0000These Were 2014’s Most Challenged Books Americans, Iran and gay penguins top the American Library Association’s Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged BooksMon, 13 Apr 2015 16:30:37 +0000Nine Out of Ten Americans Consider Themselves Middle Class a day and age when teens are tasked with picking multimillion dollar dream homes, it's not hard to see why Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:30:38 +0000What Would Closing the Wage Gap Mean? effects for single moms and racial minorities would be particularly significantFri, 10 Apr 2015 17:00:06 +0000These Mud Figures Fight Injustice“Figures” challenges British austerity policies—and an artist’s physical endurance Thu, 09 Apr 2015 17:30:46 +0000Meet Your New Favorite Font Unica, Helvetica’s long-lost sibling, is back after 30 years in obscurity Wed, 08 Apr 2015 16:00:10 +0000Paintings Have Become Increasingly Blue over, orange: modern art is all about hues of blue Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:40:42 +0000Cash-Strapped Museums are Selling Their Art with budget cuts and debt, museums turn to “deaccessioning” Mon, 06 Apr 2015 16:30:33 +0000Here’s What the Apostles Ate at the Last Supper, charoset, and unleavened breadThu, 02 Apr 2015 17:00:02 +0000This Ancient Egyptian Masterpiece Might Be Fake“Egypt’s Mona Lisa” is likely a shamWed, 01 Apr 2015 17:57:17 +0000There Are Communities of People Who Call Themselves Vampires"Their self-described nature begins to manifest around or just after puberty"Wed, 01 Apr 2015 13:30:21 +0000It Doesn’t Matter How Much Time Parents Spend With Their Kids research shows no link between amount of time spent with children and emotional, behavioral, or academic outcomesMon, 30 Mar 2015 16:11:45 +0000This 13-Year-Old Girl Just Finished One of the World's Hardest Rock Climbs Shiraishi scaled Spain's 'Open Your Mind Direct' in about ten minutes after a few days working on the projectTue, 24 Mar 2015 13:30:17 +0000Numbers Don’t Lie: The CD Really Is Dead revenues surpass CD revenues for the first time ever Fri, 20 Mar 2015 16:29:13 +0000There's a Good Reason Why People Really Hate Paying Their Taxes a word: corporations Fri, 20 Mar 2015 15:30:36 +0000Wikipedia Editing Shows That Different Countries Have Different Sets of Interests analysis shows that interests are local, not global Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:40:25 +0000Watching Cooking Shows Could Make You Fat down the remote—new research links cooking shows, higher BMIWed, 18 Mar 2015 17:45:13 +0000There’s Finally Free Wifi in Cuba becomes more connectedMon, 16 Mar 2015 15:15:30 +0000There’s an Invader in the International Space Station Invader mosaic has found its way to space Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:00:34 +0000When Breathtaking Rock Billboards Dominated the Sunset Strip new exhibition showcases the Sunset Strip's "rock 'n' roll billboards"Thu, 12 Mar 2015 17:30:44 +0000Sorry, ‘Ben-Hur’ Remake...No Circus Maximus for You blocks the remake from filming at the historic stadiumThu, 12 Mar 2015 16:00:10 +0000How Long Do Cultural References Last? foreverMon, 09 Mar 2015 17:00:18 +0000How Dick Tracy Invented the Smartwatch detective’s two-way wrist radio paved the way for the Apple Watch and other wearablesMon, 09 Mar 2015 16:03:13 +0000Here’s What Music Specially Composed for Your Cat Sounds Like shows that cats prefer “species-specific” with frequencies and tempos that mimic the sounds of purring and birdsMon, 09 Mar 2015 15:30:24 +0000This Treehouse Has It All fence boards, given new life, help Jay Nelson create dwellings that blend with natureFri, 06 Mar 2015 18:29:23 +0000UN: Destroying the Ancient City of Nimrud Was a “War Crime” outcry after ISIS razes 3,000-year-old archaeological site with bulldozersFri, 06 Mar 2015 15:12:57 +0000Ringling Brothers Is Phasing Out Its Elephant Act years of fielding controversy and claims of abuse, “The Greatest Show on Earth” will soon be retiring its trained elephants for goodThu, 05 Mar 2015 18:45:22 +0000Vigilantes in Quito Have A Mission to Correct Graffiti Artists' Spelling and Grammar is important, the group says to explain their illicit copyediting dutiesTue, 03 Mar 2015 19:00:12 +0000Grave Robbers Once Held Charlie Chaplin’s Body For Ransom after his death, thieves stole the actor’s body in hopes of a $600,000 payout; it didn’t turn out as they had hopedMon, 02 Mar 2015 18:30:00 +0000Someone Found Chris Hadfield’s Flight Suit in a Thrift Store astronaut isn’t sure how his suit made its way to a Toronto second-hand shopMon, 02 Mar 2015 16:00:37 +0000Popular Music Changed the Most in 1964 use genomic data to show how pop music evolves Mon, 02 Mar 2015 15:30:14 +0000Victor Hugo Also Created Dramatic Pen and Ink Drawings sketches, many done with pen and ink, are almost modern and surrealFri, 27 Feb 2015 19:39:54 +0000The Great Goldfish Swallowing Craze of 1939 Never Really Ended Harvard undergrad’s $10 bet set off a sensation among college students that still echoes on the Internet todayFri, 27 Feb 2015 18:48:46 +0000Adultery Is Now Legal in South Korea years after the passage of a morality law, spouses can’t be prosecuted for extramarital affairsThu, 26 Feb 2015 18:15:34 +0000This Is How New Words Enter the Vernacular of ASL, photobomb and five-second rule all have signs in progressThu, 26 Feb 2015 17:45:22 +0000Found: One Lost Sherlock Holmes Story was in the attic, my dear WatsonMon, 23 Feb 2015 15:15:08 +0000These Glass Sculptures Were Inspired By the New York City Ballet artist wanted to convey that "all of your memories are stuck inside your bone marrow" and make them visibleThu, 19 Feb 2015 15:00:17 +0000See the Swoops of Seagulls’ Flight Patterns video effects shows more than an hours worth of seagull flight as curling pathsWed, 18 Feb 2015 14:16:02 +0000