Innovation | Smithsonian feed for InnovationenWed, 20 Sep 2017 18:17:07 +0000Can the World’s Megacities Survive the Digital Age? companies, megacities must adaptWed, 20 Sep 2017 18:17:07 +0000Scientists Invent a Pen That Can Detect Cancer in Seconds handheld mass spectrometer could make surgeries to remove cancerous tissue quicker and more accurateTue, 19 Sep 2017 18:26:46 +0000The Making of the Modern American Recipe methods, rising literacy and an increasingly mobile society were key ingredients for a culinary revolutionTue, 19 Sep 2017 16:06:39 +0000The Intrepid Teachers Bringing Internet Access To Women In Rural India gender disparity among internet users in the country's small villages is staggering. A program called Internet Saathi aims to helpMon, 18 Sep 2017 15:19:48 +0000These New Solar Cells Are Modeled After a Fly's Eye University researchers may have found a way for perovskites to compete with silicon in the solar panel market Mon, 18 Sep 2017 13:45:46 +0000What Does the Gender Reveal Fad Say About Modern Pregnancy? new ritual speaks to anxieties surrounding the medicalization of childbearingThu, 14 Sep 2017 14:34:14 +0000See the Sounds of the Amazon in This Mesmerizing Video Andy Thomas helps people experience nature in a new wayWed, 13 Sep 2017 16:52:16 +0000This Device Uses Radio Waves To Track How You're Sleeping think it could help them better understand progression of chronic diseases like Parkinson'sWed, 13 Sep 2017 14:42:49 +0000What's Really in That Tuna Roll? DNA Testing Can Help You Find Out rapidly evolving tech aims to empower consumers and shine a light on the food industryWed, 13 Sep 2017 14:23:37 +0000A Smart Recycling Bin Could Sort Your Waste for You's sometimes difficult to know where to put different types of plastic, but computer vision could remove any confusionTue, 12 Sep 2017 14:34:54 +0000The Transformation of the American Shopping Mall claim malls are dying, and some are. But many others are having second lives as churches, schools, hospitals, even farmsTue, 12 Sep 2017 13:00:00 +0000New Startup WildKale Lets Farmers Sell Directly to Customers Through an App, it's like "Uber for farmer's markets." Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:57:30 +0000The Professor With a Genius For Global Health Richards-Kortum and her students at Rice University are designing low-cost devices that can help mothers and babies in a big wayFri, 08 Sep 2017 16:33:31 +0000How Bullwinkle Taught Kids Sophisticated Political Satire critic Beth Daniels argues the cartoon moose even allowed viewers to reckon with nuclear warThu, 07 Sep 2017 17:27:43 +0000This Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk Upright with cerebral palsy often walk in a crouched position, which is difficult to maintain over long distances. A robot suit can help. Thu, 07 Sep 2017 15:31:37 +0000These Design Champs Are Having Their Moment in the Sun Cooper-Hewitt award winners share secrets and stories with design critic Owen EdwardsThu, 07 Sep 2017 10:00:00 +0000The Unlikely Medical History of Chocolate Syrup the sundae staple went from treatment to just treat Wed, 06 Sep 2017 17:42:32 +0000Solar Power and Honey Bees Make a Sweet Combo in Minnesota Pollinator Friendly Solar Act has solar companies and commercial beekeepers working togetherTue, 05 Sep 2017 19:40:25 +0000How Coastal Cities Are Evolving to Deal With Extreme Rain the specter of more and worse rainstorms, these vulnerable areas are turning to innovative urban design Tue, 05 Sep 2017 17:41:03 +0000Nine Tasks Robots Can Do That May Surprise You can cook your dinner, fill your prescriptions, make your shoes and much, much moreTue, 05 Sep 2017 14:55:38 +0000Flexible Batteries May Soon Be Printed Right On Your Clothes supercapacitors, printed directly on textiles, could power medical devices, wearable computers, even phone-charging shirtsThu, 31 Aug 2017 15:14:57 +0000Prying Apart the Mighty Bite of a Malaysian Trap-Jaw Ant mandibles strike in a fraction of a blink of an eye, but how does it do it?Wed, 30 Aug 2017 22:05:00 +0000Costa Rica Let a Juice Company Dump Their Orange Peels in the Forest—and It Helped a controversial experiment actually bore fruitWed, 30 Aug 2017 13:00:00 +0000Milk and Sugar Pods That Dissolve in Coffee Could Replace Single-Serve Containers use plastic when you can use sugar?Tue, 29 Aug 2017 19:47:17 +0000How Robots Could Help the Elderly Age in Their Homes these helpful machines won't be the humanoid butlers of science fictionTue, 29 Aug 2017 14:10:19 +000011 Cool, Funny or Just Plain Strange Patents for Back to School alarm clocks that pummel you in the head to ingenious devices to save your crayon nubs, a peek into the patent archives for back to school seasonTue, 29 Aug 2017 13:00:00 +0000The Universe Needs You: To Help in the Hunt for Planet 9 one citizen science endeavor is using the Internet to democratize the search for distant worldsMon, 28 Aug 2017 13:46:59 +0000A Moonwalk Did Not Destroy Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit, Now Time Won't Either are bringing new innovations to save the 80-pound suit that allowed the first astronaut on the moon to take that giant leapMon, 28 Aug 2017 10:00:00 +0000Will Supervolcanoes Help Power Our Future? new deposits of lithium could change the global politics of battery production—if we can get at themFri, 25 Aug 2017 15:10:36 +0000Apps Can Help You Get Pregnant. But Should You Use Them as a Contraceptive? increasing number of women are relying on apps to track their menstrual cycles. Now, there's even an app approved as birth control.Tue, 22 Aug 2017 14:02:22 +0000Fifty Years Later, Remembering Sci-Fi Pioneer Hugo Gernsback Back on a Man Who Was Always Looking ForwardFri, 18 Aug 2017 16:00:00 +0000A Lab Accident Leads to Bioactive "Tissue Paper" spill of bioactive ink made from ovarian cells led to the creation of paper made from organs and tissues, with various potential medical usesWed, 16 Aug 2017 17:20:00 +0000From Lightbulbs to Mutual Funds: Tim Harford on Inventions That Changed the Modern Economy, the gramophone, double-entry bookkeeping, and barbed wire all make the listWed, 16 Aug 2017 14:05:00 +0000Blink Once For Yes: You Can ‘Talk’ to This New Computer Interface With Your Eyes tiny sensor mounted to eyeglasses can track eye blinks, allowing communication from locked-in patientsTue, 15 Aug 2017 18:25:22 +0000Scientists Make Food From Bacteria, Water, Electricity, and a Whole Lot of Patience may have heard that Finnish scientists had made food from electricity, but the truth is more complicatedTue, 15 Aug 2017 15:09:00 +0000What Does an Eclipse Sound Like? new app will allow blind and visually impaired users to experience the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:20:00 +0000The Surprising Origins of Kotex Pads the first disposable sanitary napkin hit the mass market, periods were thought of in a much different wayFri, 11 Aug 2017 16:00:00 +0000Scientists Are Using This Collection of Wood Samples to Combat Illegal Logging F. Wilson loved wood enough to amass the country’s premiere private collection. Now scientists are using it as a weapon against illegal loggingFri, 11 Aug 2017 13:02:22 +0000Use This App to Get the Most From the Coming Eclipse livestreams, simulations and safety guides, this Solar Eclipse app will be the key tool for the upcoming astronomical extravaganzaWed, 09 Aug 2017 16:41:45 +0000The Sci-Fi Technology that Could Power Microbots no moving parts, ion thrusters could propel tiny robots for long periodsTue, 08 Aug 2017 13:24:26 +0000This Robotic Harness Could Help People Relearn to Walk After Injury researchers have developed an algorithm-backed "smart" harness to help stroke and spinal cord injury victims practice walking in a more natural way.Mon, 07 Aug 2017 17:03:00 +0000Why Salt Is This Power Plant's Most Valuable Asset air energy storage can help keep the grid running and pave the way for renewablesFri, 04 Aug 2017 13:10:00 +0000Big Data (and You) Could Help Find 1,500 Undiscovered Minerals are using new tools to predict where to find new minerals as well as to locate new sources of valuable resources like copperThu, 03 Aug 2017 13:00:00 +0000How Colorized Historical Footage Is Painstakingly Made Films conducted 5,800 hours of research and poured over 27 miles of film to create our series America in ColorWed, 02 Aug 2017 12:00:00 +0000Big Brother Knows What You Look Like, and That's OK? uses for rapidly-improving facial-recognition technology are more benign than scaryTue, 01 Aug 2017 16:10:00 +0000Why Funny, Falling, Soccer-Playing Robots Matter 2017 RoboCup brings small changes and big competition to a broad technical challengeMon, 31 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0000Slugs Inspire Super-Strong Glue to Seal Wounds day this mollusc-inspired invention might just save your life Thu, 27 Jul 2017 18:01:00 +0000New Artificial Spider Silk: Stronger Than Steel and 98 Percent Water at Cambridge University have developed a process for making strong, stretchy threads in an environmentally friendly wayWed, 26 Jul 2017 16:09:19 +0000The Complicated Growth of 4-H boasts a far more complicated backstory than those blue ribbons would have you believeWed, 26 Jul 2017 13:06:43 +0000This Is the Gear You Need to View the Upcoming Solar Eclipse your eyesight with eclipse glasses, binoculars, telescopes or lens filters Mon, 24 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0000