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The resilience of the human spirit. The power of photographs. A Smithsonian special project Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:21:19 +0000A Photographic Requiem for America's Civil War Battlefieldshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/photographic-requiem-americas-civil-war-battlefields-180955746/Walking far-flung battlefields to picture the nation's defining tragedy in a modern lightWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000One Photographer's Personal Endeavor to Track Down Survivors of the Armenian Genocide, 100 Years Laterhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/one-photographer-personal-endeavor-track-down-survivors-armenian-genocide-100-years-later-180955763/As children, they escaped ruthless state-sponsored violence. Now, these Armenian women and men visit the aching memory of what they left behindWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Fall and Rise and Fall of Pompeiihttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/fall-rise-fall-pompeii-180955732/The famous archaeological treasure is falling into scandalous decline, even as its sister city Herculaneum is rising from the ashesWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000Photos From the Heart of the Ferguson Protestshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/photos-from-heart-ferguson-protests-180955737/The events sparked by the killing of young Michael Brown gave rise to a new civil rights movement that's still growingWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000A Deep Dive Into the Skeleton of the Oldest-Known Modern Birdhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/deep-dive-skeleton-oldest-known-modern-bird-180955738/A fossil found in China may offer new clues about avian evolutionWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000What It's Like to Travel the Inca Road Todayhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/what-its-like-travel-inca-road-today-180955740/A rocky rollicking journey to Machu Picchu along one of the greatest engineering feats in the AmericasWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000What's Changed, and What Hasn't, in the Town That Inspired "To Kill a Mockingbird"http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/whats-changed-what-hasnt-in-town-inspired-to-kill-a-mockingbird-180955741/Traveling back in time to visit Harper Lee's hometown, the setting of her 1960 masterpiece and the controversial sequel hitting bookstores soonWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000There Were Listicles That Went Viral Long Before There Was an Internethttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/listicles-went-viral-long-before-internet-180955742/Digital scholars are zeroing in on stories that were trending way back in the 19th centuryWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Mad King and Magna Cartahttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/mad-king-magna-carta-180955745/How did a peace treaty signed — and broken — 800 years ago become one of the world's most influential documents?Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Library Mark Twain Builthttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/mark-twains-summer-reading-list-180955678/The author helped create a library in the last town he called home—and it's full of great summer reading suggestions Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:16:59 +0000What Makes the Orange Juice Can Worthy of Display in a Museumhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/what-makes-orange-juice-can-important-museum-artifact-180955750/A new exhibition explains why the everyday objects of today and the recent past are so important to understanding who we areTue, 30 Jun 2015 13:15:00 +0000How the Inca Empire Engineered a Road Across Some of the World's Most Extreme Terrain http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/how-inca-empire-engineered-road-would-endure-centuries-180955709/For a new exhibition, a Smithsonian curator conducted oral histories with contemporary indigenous cultures to recover lost Inca traditionsFri, 26 Jun 2015 16:06:12 +0000This 5,300 Year-Old Corpse Was Found by Accidenthttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/science/this-5300-year-old-corpse-was-found-by-acci/Hikers Erika and Helmut Simon stumbled upon a frozen body deep in the Ötztal Alps, little did they know it belonged to one of the oldest preserved corpsesWed, 24 Jun 2015 20:05:19 +0000The Foods Americans Once Loved to Eathttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/foods-americans-once-loved-eat-180955683/Turtles, beavers and eel were once beloved staples of the continental diet. What happened?Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:18:35 +0000Ride America's Most Historic Roller Coastershttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/ride-americas-most-historic-roller-coasters-180955629/This summer, ride the coasters that add history to their thrillsTue, 23 Jun 2015 19:05:18 +0000The Roller Coaster Was Invented to Save America From Satanhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/the-rollercoaster-was-invented-to-save-ameri/In the 1880s, LaMarcus Thompson was troubled by America's slide into hedonism and immorality. Out of that concern, we got the roller coasterMon, 22 Jun 2015 14:58:18 +0000How to Avoid Your Neighborshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/smithsonian-channel/how-to-avoid-your-neighbors/J.S. Lovering Wharton built this house on a rock off the coast of Rhode Island because, as legend has it, he wanted a place where no one could bother himFri, 19 Jun 2015 19:04:32 +0000Genome Analysis Links Kennewick Man to Native Americanshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/genome-analysis-links-kennewick-man-native-americans-180955638/Ancient DNA sequenced from the skeleton adds to the controversy over the individual's ancestryThu, 18 Jun 2015 17:21:19 +0000Six Ways the Civil War Changed American Medicinehttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/six-ways-civil-war-changed-american-medicine-180955626/150 years ago, the historic conflict forced doctors to get creative and to reframe the way they thought about medicineWed, 17 Jun 2015 21:00:00 +0000A New Recreation Shows How Ancient Romans Lifted Wild Animals Into the Colosseumhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/how-ancient-romans-got-wild-animals-colosseum-180955580/An elaborate system of elevators and trap doors lifted ferocious beasts onto the Colosseum floorTue, 16 Jun 2015 17:47:08 +0000The Most Loved and Hated Novel About World War Ihttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/most-loved-and-hated-novel-about-world-war-I-180955540/An international bestseller, Erich Maria Remarque's <em>All Quiet on the Western Front</em> was banned and burned in Nazi GermanyTue, 16 Jun 2015 16:58:21 +0000The American at the Battle of Waterloohttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/american-battle-waterloo-180955595/The British remember William Howe De Lancey, an American friend to the Duke of Wellington, as a hero for the role he played in the 1815 clashMon, 15 Jun 2015 14:49:42 +0000A Horrific Tragedy at Frank Lloyd Wright's Homehttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/smithsonian-channel/a-horrific-tragedy-at-frank-lloyd-wrights-home/One of Frank Lloyd Wright's most beloved properties, Taliesin, was inspired by Wisconsin's natural beauty. But its history is mired in tragedyFri, 12 Jun 2015 19:00:09 +0000Americans Are Not the Only Ones Obsessed With Their Flaghttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/americans-not-only-ones-obsessed-with-their-flag-180955583/From the mild-mannered Danes to crazed soccer fans, people all over the world go nuts for their national colorsFri, 12 Jun 2015 15:47:53 +0000How Magna Carta Went Viralhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-magna-carta-went-viral-180955550/In a world before the printing press, how did news of the famous document make the rounds?Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:00:00 +0000Relive the Battle of Waterloo With These Astonishing Portraits of War Reenactorshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/relive-battle-waterloo-these-astonishing-portraits-war-reenactors-180955536/Photographer Sam Faulkner shoots a portrait series that gives a face to the more than 200,000 soldiers who fought in the historic conflictFri, 12 Jun 2015 12:50:37 +0000Why the Germans Torpedoed the Lusitaniahttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/why-the-germans-torpedoed-the-lusitania/When German U-boat Commander Walther Schwieger ordered a torpedo strike on the Lusitania, he didn't know it would be the shot that eventually led the U.S.Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:44:18 +0000Dinosaur Soft Tissue Recovered From Eight Cretaceous-Era Fossilshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/dinosaur-soft-tissue-recovered-eight-cretaceous-era-fossils-180955538/New sampling methods yielded cells and fibers from relatively ordinary fossils, broadening the possibilities for paleontologyTue, 09 Jun 2015 15:00:00 +0000Al Capone and Chicago's Violent Mobster Pasthttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/smithsonian-channel/al-capone-and-chicagos-violent-mobster-past/Soar over Chicago and back through the city's violent past. Illinois is the final state to be captured in Smithsonian Channel's "Aerial America" seriesMon, 08 Jun 2015 21:52:35 +0000What a 1950s Fashion Maven Might Teach Us About What To Wearhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/1950s-designer-claire-mccardell-might-teach-us-about-what-wear-180955520/When it was time to suit up for work, politics or social engagements, Claire McCardell's fans embraced her chic, but comfortable styleMon, 08 Jun 2015 14:17:01 +0000How Pyrex Reinvented Glass For a New Agehttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/how-pyrex-reinvented-glass-new-age-180955513/One hundred years after the birth of the brand, the Corning Museum of Glass pays homage to America's favorite dishFri, 05 Jun 2015 18:23:25 +0000The 'Hellboy' Dinosaur, a New Cousin of Triceratops, Is Fossil Royaltyhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/hellboy-dinosaur-new-cousin-triceratops-fossil-royalty-180955496/The horned dinosaur wears a built-in crown and offers evidence of many more undiscovered species in North AmericaThu, 04 Jun 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Remarkable Story of the World’s Rarest Stamphttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/remarkable-story-worlds-rarest-stamp-180955412/The rarely seen, one-of-a-kind 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta, which recently sold for a whopping $9.5 million, gets its public debut Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:41:37 +0000Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laoshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/ancient-urns-or-drinking-vessels-giants-behind-laos-mysterious-plain-jars-180955462/A grassy area studded with hulking, 2,000-year-old jars provides a surreal sight as well as an archeological puzzleWed, 03 Jun 2015 13:12:00 +0000See All 50 States From the Airhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/50-states-aerial-america-smithsonian-channel-series-video-180955480/Smithsonian Channel's popular Aerial America series has filmed its 50th and final stateWed, 03 Jun 2015 08:00:00 +0000Where the Blues Was Bornhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/where-blues-was-born-180955479/At Dockery Farms, the original bluesmen created a sound that would become legendaryTue, 02 Jun 2015 18:49:08 +0000The Epic Failure of Thomas Edison's Talking Dollhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/epic-failure-thomas-edisons-talking-doll-180955442/Expensive, heavy, non-functioning and a little scary looking, the doll created by America's hero-inventor was a commercial flopMon, 01 Jun 2015 14:07:19 +0000Smithsonian to Receive Artifacts From Sunken 18th-Century Slave Ship Found Off the Coast of South Africahttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/sunken-18th-century-slave-ship-found-south-africa-180955458/In 1794, the Portuguese slave ship São José wrecked with 400 slaves aboard; iron ballast and a wooden pulley from that ship will come to Washington, D.C.Sun, 31 May 2015 14:36:11 +0000Want to Sleep Like a King, Queen or Borgia For a Night? Stay in these Historic Airbnbshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/want-to-sleep-in-a-famous-house-exploring-historic-airbnbs-180955408/Whether it’s the former home of a national icon or an extravagant estate in Europe, the sharing economy offers the chance to go back in time for a nightFri, 29 May 2015 19:29:15 +0000How Much U.S. History Do Americans Actually Know? Less Than You Think. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-much-us-history-do-americans-actually-know-less-you-think-180955431/We ask David Bruce Smith, founder of the Grateful American Foundation, how we can fix this problemThu, 28 May 2015 19:14:57 +0000Investigating the Case of the Earliest Known Murder Victimhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/investigating-case-earliest-known-murder-victim-180955409/A 430,000-year-old skull discovered in a Spanish cave bears evidence of deliberate, lethal blunt force trauma Wed, 27 May 2015 18:00:00 +0000The Classy Rise of the Trench Coathttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/trench-coat-made-its-mark-world-war-i-180955397/World War I brought with it a broad array of societal changes, including men's fashionWed, 27 May 2015 13:32:19 +0000Step Inside a Famous Submarinehttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/Step-inside-a-famous-submarine-180955042/Where to visit historic subs this summer—or ride in a modern one Tue, 26 May 2015 14:09:03 +0000Did This Map Guide Columbus?http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/did-this-map-guide-columbus-180955295/Researchers decipher a mystifying 15th-century documentThu, 21 May 2015 18:20:53 +0000The "New Jerusalem" of Ethiopiahttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/the-new-jerusalem-of-ethiopia/No one knows for certain why the Lalibela churches share many similarities with Judaism, but scholars propose a handful of holy theoriesThu, 21 May 2015 15:13:12 +0000How the Summer of Atomic Bomb Testing Turned the Bikini Into a Phenomenonhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/how-wake-testing-atomic-bomb-bikini-became-thing-180955346/The scanty suit’s explosive start is intimately tied to the Cold War and the nuclear arms raceThu, 21 May 2015 14:45:18 +0000When Colorado Was (And in Many Ways Still Is) the Switzerland of Americahttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/colorado-switzerland-america-180955293/A hundred years ago, city slickers looking for wild times in Rocky Mountain National Park invented a new kind of American vacationWed, 20 May 2015 18:00:00 +0000Inside the Daily Lives of Iraq's Kurdshttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/inside-daily-lives-iraq-kurds-180955297/America's most important ally in the battle against ISIS is closer than ever to fulfilling their hope of founding a new nationWed, 20 May 2015 18:00:00 +0000Why We'd Be Better Off if Napoleon Never Lost at Waterloohttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/we-better-off-napoleon-never-lost-waterloo-180955298/On the bicentennial of the most famous battle in world history, a distinguished historian looks at what could have been Wed, 20 May 2015 18:00:00 +0000The Brief History of the Ferris Wheelhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/history-ferris-wheel-180955300/Originally the American answer to the Eiffel Tower, the summertime amusement became a hallmark of summer funWed, 20 May 2015 18:00:00 +0000American History Museum Scholar on the History of the "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" Advertisementhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/american-history-museum-scholar-coke-advertisement-180955318/The commercial that closed out the series finale of "Mad Men," explainedMon, 18 May 2015 19:25:26 +0000How His'n'Her Ponchos Became A Thing: A History Of Unisex Fashionhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/his-her-ponchoes-became-thing-history-unisex-fashion-180955240/"Unisex" was rarely used before the fashion trend hit it big in the late 1960sWed, 13 May 2015 14:57:31 +0000What Makes Bourbon Uniquely American?http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/what-makes-bourbon-uniquely-american-180955231/A new book examines everything that makes the spirit special to the United StatesTue, 12 May 2015 13:33:28 +0000How 75 Years Ago Nylon Stockings Changed the Worldhttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/how-75-years-ago-nylon-stockings-changed-world-180955219/The quest to replace natural silk led to the very first fully synthetic fiber and revolutionized the products we depend onMon, 11 May 2015 14:43:56 +0000A New Exhibition Offers a Preview of the New Collections at the National Museum of African American History and Culturehttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/new-exhibition-offers-preview-national-museum-african-american-history-and-culture-180955211/Artifacts reveal the vibrant stories of everyday people, while also adding nuance to the landmark events taught in history classesMon, 11 May 2015 11:36:58 +0000This Map Shows the Full Extent of the Devastation Wrought by U-Boats in World War Ihttp://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/map-shows-full-extent-devastation-wrought-uboats-world-war-i-180955191/On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, a look at how "unrestricted submarine warfare" changed the rules of warThu, 07 May 2015 12:01:55 +0000