Articles | Smithsonian feed for ArticlesenWed, 29 Jul 2015 16:48:17 +0000Tour the World’s First Nuclear Power Plant historic site in a remote desert is now a museum where visitors can see the instruments that made nuclear historyWed, 29 Jul 2015 16:48:17 +0000Scientists Find a Natural Way to Clean Up Oil Spills, With a Plant-Based Molecule at the City College of New York are testing a spray made of phytol, a molecule in chlorophyll, on oil in lab wave poolsWed, 29 Jul 2015 12:00:00 +0000Great Wine in Great Britain? The Unlikely Vino Culture Emerging in England the south of England, a new class of vintners is giving French bubbly a run for its moneyWed, 29 Jul 2015 11:00:00 +0000Hamsters Are Optimists When They Live in Comfy Cages hamsters that enjoy habitats full of toys and fluffy bedding make more upbeat decisions than those in stark enclosuresTue, 28 Jul 2015 23:01:00 +0000Legos Go Sustainable, and Everything (Really) is Awesome reduce its carbon footprint, the toy company is searching for a sustainable material for its bricks by 2030 Tue, 28 Jul 2015 17:20:16 +0000A New Report Identifies 30 Technologies That Will Save Lives in the Next 15 Years panel of 60 health experts creates a short list of easy-to-use devices and treatments that could dramatically improve global healthTue, 28 Jul 2015 16:27:44 +0000Top Five Myths About Human Kidneys limiting alcohol consumption to detoxing, many misconceptions circulate about how to keep your kidneys healthyTue, 28 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000New Jamestown Discovery Reveals the Identities of Four Prominent Settlers findings by Smithsonian scientists dig up the dynamics of daily life in the first permanent British settlement in the coloniesTue, 28 Jul 2015 15:30:00 +0000How Elephants and Songbirds Are Helping Humans Communicate this Generation Anthropocene podcast, social animals show scientists how to trace our evolution and improve interactionsTue, 28 Jul 2015 15:20:38 +0000Visit D.C.'s Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Historic Homes and Gardens, nature and culture combine at these fascinating estates and gardens in our nation's capitalTue, 28 Jul 2015 13:32:29 +0000What Gives Bugs Bunny His Lasting Power? years after his first “What’s Up, Doc?,” the leporine character still leaves his markMon, 27 Jul 2015 17:34:49 +0000The Best Little Museum You Never Visited in Paris Museum of Arts and Crafts is a trove of cunning inventionsMon, 27 Jul 2015 16:48:53 +0000What’s the Deal With Google’s Sidewalk Labs? tech giant's first move in urban planning is installing Wi-Fi hubs throughout New York City. Next, it could take on inefficiencies in public transitMon, 27 Jul 2015 15:35:02 +0000Living Cells Armed With Tiny Lasers May Help Fight Disease biological light sources may one day help researchers see deeper into the body's microscopic workingsMon, 27 Jul 2015 15:15:46 +0000The Entertaining Saga of the Worst Crook in Colonial America Burroughs was a thief, a counterfeiter and a convicted criminal. A rare piece of his fake currency is in the collectionsMon, 27 Jul 2015 14:41:32 +0000Running Shoes Date Back to the 1860s, and Other Revelations From the Brooklyn Museum's Sneaker Show show on sneaker culture at the Brooklyn Museum hypes its modern Nikes, but perhaps most fascinating are the historic kicks that started it allMon, 27 Jul 2015 14:30:00 +0000Captivating Photos of the Survivors of the Nepal Earthquake Sara Hylton visited the central Asian nation once the 7.9 tremor shook the earthMon, 27 Jul 2015 12:35:55 +0000Being Neurotic Makes It Harder for You to Remember Things scans suggest that certain personality types are wired to have better memoriesFri, 24 Jul 2015 19:23:20 +0000The Scandalous Story Behind the Provocative 19th-Century Sculpture "Greek Slave" Hiram Powers earned fame and fortune for his beguiling sculpture, but how he crafted it might have proved even more shockingFri, 24 Jul 2015 15:53:51 +0000Take a Spin on the Most Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Carousels in the Nation historic merry-go-rounds are survivors of a bygone era, when thrills came in a much tamer formFri, 24 Jul 2015 14:50:26 +00001,500-Year-Old Text Has Been Digitally Resurrected From a Hebrew Scroll software helped reveal the words on a burned scroll found inside a holy ark near the Dead SeaFri, 24 Jul 2015 13:03:38 +0000America's Road Trip: Route 66's Most Fascinating Museums a drive on Route 66 and encounter the wonders of the roadFri, 24 Jul 2015 12:14:10 +0000Off the Coast of Italy, Two Divers Are Building Underwater Greenhouses biospheres could provide an alternate means of farming in regions with unstable growing conditionsThu, 23 Jul 2015 19:19:16 +0000The Mad Challenge of Translating "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" the linguistic tricks used to make Lewis Carroll's puns, parodies and nonsense accessible in hundreds of tonguesThu, 23 Jul 2015 18:00:41 +0000Can Sound Explain a 350-Year-Old Clock Mystery? experiments suggest that a strange synchronization of pendulum clocks observed in the 1600s can be chalked up to acoustic energyThu, 23 Jul 2015 17:21:20 +0000When Rock Bands Flocked to Howard Finster’s Remote, Bizarre Artist Compound today you can visit the site where groups such as R.E.M. found a true artistic geniusThu, 23 Jul 2015 15:15:03 +0000An Astronomer's Paradise, Chile May Be the Best Place on Earth to Enjoy a Starry Sky's northern coast offers an ideal star-gazing environment with its lack of precipitation, clear skies and low-to-zero light pollutionThu, 23 Jul 2015 00:04:26 +0000What Endures From the Ancient Civilizations That Once Ruled the Central Andes? journey here is to roam through almost six thousand years of civilization, to one of the places where the human enterprise beganThu, 23 Jul 2015 00:04:01 +0000Why Is This Wild, Pea-Sized Tomato So Important? to northern Peru and southern Ecuador, this tiny and rapidly vanishing tomato boasts outsized influence on world gastronomyThu, 23 Jul 2015 00:03:38 +0000Boa Constrictors Kill By Stopping Blood Circulation popular belief that boas and other constricting snakes deal death by suffocation seems to be a flawed assumption Wed, 22 Jul 2015 22:00:00 +0000What It's Like to Live in This Smart, Energy-Efficient Home of the Future months in, a family of four adjusts to life in the Honda Smart Home, a testing ground for new technologies at University of California, DavisWed, 22 Jul 2015 17:40:17 +0000Over a Quarter-Million Vietnam War Veterans Still Have PTSD years after the war's end, twice as many vets with combat-related PTSD are getting worse as those who are improvingWed, 22 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000How Will We Feed 9 Billion People on Earth of the Future? week's Generation Anthropocene reveals how seeds on ice and poisonous tubers may offer hope for food securityWed, 22 Jul 2015 14:36:56 +0000Inspiring Invention the MacGyver Way to the Smithsonian's new Spark!Lab are challenged to solve problems with ingenuity and a pile of off-the-shelf itemsWed, 22 Jul 2015 10:00:00 +0000Teenage Inventor Alexis Lewis Thinks That Kids Have the Solutions to the World's Problems a patent to her name and more likely on the way, the 15 year old has made it her mission to inspire young innovatorsTue, 21 Jul 2015 17:59:04 +0000A DNA Search for the First Americans Links Amazon Groups to Indigenous Australians new genetic analysis takes aim at the theory that just one founding group settled the AmericasTue, 21 Jul 2015 17:22:11 +0000Recession, Not Fracking, Drove a Drop in U.S. Carbon Emissions switch from coal to natural gas played only a small role in the recent carbon dioxide declineTue, 21 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000Provoking Presidential Portraits Oliphant's searing sketches cross party lines. But the portraits are all in good clean fun...or are they?Mon, 20 Jul 2015 18:38:20 +0000Linking Multiple Minds Could Help Damaged Brains Heal and rats hooked up as "brainets" may lead to innovative treatments for Parkinson's, paralysis and moreMon, 20 Jul 2015 13:54:02 +0000Smithsonian Takes a Giant Step with Its First Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Conservation of Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit the 46th anniversary of the historic moonwalk, the spacesuit that made it possible is headed to the conservation lab Mon, 20 Jul 2015 13:21:02 +0000Photos of Muslims Celebrating Eid al-Fitr Across the Globe mark the end of Ramadan with food, festivities, gifts and prayers Fri, 17 Jul 2015 18:42:19 +0000These Pictures Give a Rare Glimpse Into the Heart of the Pluto Flyby the full 9.5 years of the mission to date, the images by Michael Soluri capture the people behind the epic close encounterFri, 17 Jul 2015 18:13:35 +0000These Maps Help Explain the Numerous, Complicated Factors Behind Income Inequality, housing costs and even internet access are all a part of the difficult public policy matterFri, 17 Jul 2015 14:45:13 +0000You Can Still Stay a Night at These Grand Hotels From the Gilded Age that survive today are a testament to Old World luxuryFri, 17 Jul 2015 13:07:45 +0000Human Sex Chromosomes Are Sloppy DNA Swappers genetic bundles that code for males and females can get a little messy when they trade pieces during cell divisionFri, 17 Jul 2015 13:00:00 +0000Seven Ways to Revamp Deserted Spaces Under New York City's Highways and Elevated Trains Design Trust for Public Space reimagines neglected areas under the city's infrastructureFri, 17 Jul 2015 11:07:25 +0000The Farmworker’s Champion Dolores Huerta Receives Her Due, Even as the Struggle for Justice Continues must continue the struggle against present-day agricultural production and labor practices, says the director of the Smithsonian’s Latino Center Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:35:44 +0000Ask Smithsonian: What Makes Us a Righty or a Lefty? are interested in studying why some of us are non-right-handers because it might offer insight into how the brain developsThu, 16 Jul 2015 18:00:22 +0000Mosquitoes Can Carry, and Deliver, a Double Dose of Malaria that are already carrying one strain are more likely to pick up a second infection and harbor higher numbers of parasitesThu, 16 Jul 2015 18:00:00 +0000Get Lost in the World's Largest Maze existence while wandering through the bamboo stalks of Italy's Masone LabyrinthThu, 16 Jul 2015 14:24:10 +0000You Can Now 3D Print With Liquefied Wood chemist at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is making sustainable 3d printing a realityThu, 16 Jul 2015 10:36:07 +0000Behold, the First Closeup Pictures From the Pluto Flyby Are Here fresh-faced moons to ice mountains, these are the visual surprises that hit the ground the day after the Pluto flybyWed, 15 Jul 2015 20:37:32 +0000The Evolution of Money, From Feathers to Credit Cards collectors, and trinket lovers welcome back the National Numismatic Collections to its splendid new gallery at the American History MuseumWed, 15 Jul 2015 18:51:47 +0000Where Will the New Horizons Probe Go After Pluto? historic flyby may be over, but the spacecraft should still go on to study even smaller bodies on its path through the Kuiper beltWed, 15 Jul 2015 15:00:33 +0000The History of Creepy Dolls a trip to the uncanny valley and hope you make it back unscathedWed, 15 Jul 2015 13:46:34 +0000The New Horizons Probe Has Made Its Closest Approach to Pluto scientists have received the confirmation signal that the pre-programmed event went as planned and the craft is healthyWed, 15 Jul 2015 02:35:36 +0000One Man's Obsession With Antique Toys Resulted in a Museum Portland, Oregon, attraction is more than just the stuff of Kidd's playTue, 14 Jul 2015 18:51:37 +0000How Singer Won the Sewing Machine War Singer Sewing Machine changed the way America manufactured textiles, but the invention itself was less important than the company’s innovative businessTue, 14 Jul 2015 17:54:33 +0000The EPA Has a New Tool For Mapping Where Pollution and Poverty Intersect better target its efforts, the agency is identifying problem areas, where people are facing undue environmental risksTue, 14 Jul 2015 16:47:51 +0000How Can We Keep Track of Earth's Invisible Water? week's episode of Generation Anthropocene goes on a deep dive into some of the planet's more mysterious water sourcesTue, 14 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000Wildfires Are Happening More Often and in More Places fire season length has increased by nearly a fifth in the last 35 years, and the area impacted has doubledTue, 14 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000How Are Universities Grooming the Next Great Innovators? and entrepreneurship courses at Stanford and other institutions are fundamentally changing higher educationTue, 14 Jul 2015 14:44:56 +0000An Attempt to Keep the Dying Gottschee Culture Very Much Alive by a trip to Slovenia with her grandmother, one New Yorker took it upon herself to chronicle the story of a lost piece of European historyTue, 14 Jul 2015 13:15:52 +0000These Glasses Could Help the Blind See by Oxford scientists, SmartSpecs capture real time images and enhance the contrast for legally blind usersMon, 13 Jul 2015 13:37:50 +0000Which of These Baseball Players Should the Portrait Gallery Put on Display? for these all-stars in an entirely different kind of competitionMon, 13 Jul 2015 13:00:00 +0000This New Nanogenerator Could Make Cars Much More Efficient placed on a car's tires can harness the energy generated when rubber meets road Fri, 10 Jul 2015 20:15:50 +0000The Scopes Trial Redefined Science Journalism and Shaped It to What It Is Today years ago a Tennessee man stood trial for teaching evolution, a Smithsonian archives collection offers a glimpse into the rich backstoryFri, 10 Jul 2015 15:01:33 +0000What Killed the Dinosaurs in Utah's Giant Jurassic Death Pit? are gathering evidence that may help crack the 148-million-year-old mystery, including signs of poisoned predatorsFri, 10 Jul 2015 13:00:00 +0000These Scientists Hope to Have Half the World's Plant Families on Ice By the End of Summer up with botanical gardens, researchers at the Natural History Museum are digging deep into garden plant genomicsThu, 09 Jul 2015 19:37:27 +0000A New Photo Exhibition Depicts Just How Dramatic Mother Earth Can Be, the land of fire and ice, brings vivid focus to the raw power of a geophysically active EarthThu, 09 Jul 2015 18:22:31 +0000Bumblebees Are Getting Squeezed by Climate Change North America and Europe, the insects are just not keeping up with shifting temperatures Thu, 09 Jul 2015 18:00:00 +0000The Stories Behind Disneyland's Hidden Wonders the amusement park celebrates its 60th anniversary, here's the truth behind some of its more unusual featuresThu, 09 Jul 2015 15:02:46 +0000Pluto Probe Finds Surprises Ahead of Its Close Encounter dark poles to weird "whales", New Horizons is giving us a taste of the historic science we can expect from its visit to PlutoWed, 08 Jul 2015 21:25:20 +0000There Are New World Heritage Sites, Here Are the Ones You Should Travel to Now year, 24 sites from across the globe have been added to the heralded Unesco listWed, 08 Jul 2015 17:44:18 +0000Sixth-Century Misery Tied to Not One, But Two, Volcanic Eruptions ancient event is just one among hundreds of times volcanoes have affected climate over the past 2,500 yearsWed, 08 Jul 2015 17:00:00 +0000These Two Scientists Turned Data From the Sun Into a Work of Art collecting real-time data from the sun, two astrophysicists got to tinkering with video game components and the outcome is breathtakingWed, 08 Jul 2015 13:00:00 +0000A Look Into the Innovative Mind of One of the World's Most Inventive Architects new show at the Cooper Hewitt reveals the process behind designer Thomas Heatherwick's projectsWed, 08 Jul 2015 10:00:00 +0000Tracing the History of American Invention, From the Telegraph to the Apple I than 70 artifacts, from an artificial heart to an Etch A Sketch, grace the entryway to the American History Museum's new innovation wing Tue, 07 Jul 2015 20:40:49 +0000What it Took to Create the World’s First Gay Art Museum Leslie’s passionate half-century of homoerotic art collecting offers a mirror for the history of gay history itselfTue, 07 Jul 2015 15:58:18 +0000How Geography Shaped Societies, From Neanderthals to iPhones weeks' episode of Generation Anthropocene discusses efforts to quantify social development and the cultural retention of the NavajoTue, 07 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000This Is How You Live Paint an Event Jeremy Sutton painted on his iPad while musicians performed and visitors played virtual reality games at the Smithsonian American Art MuseumTue, 07 Jul 2015 14:54:04 +0000Twenty of the West's Leading Water Managers Raft Colorado's Yampa River a historic drought, a group of decision makers take to the water to discuss the future of riversMon, 06 Jul 2015 19:42:19 +0000How Bacteria Make This Underground, Awe-Inspiring Cave Shine Gold underground tubes at Lava Beds National Monument include sparkling gold ceilings that even NASA wants to studyMon, 06 Jul 2015 18:59:09 +0000How Curators Wrestled With the Complex Story of American Business broad and sometimes difficult history of business in the U.S., its rogues, heros, successes and failures, is the dynamic story in a new exhibitionMon, 06 Jul 2015 18:14:51 +0000The Top Five Conversations About Earth in the Age of Humans Generation Anthropocene podcast brings you stories from the front lines of Earth science, history and philosophyMon, 06 Jul 2015 15:00:00 +0000How Colonel Sanders Made Kentucky Fried Chicken an American Success Story weathervane from the Smithsonian collections is emblematic of Harland Sanders’s decades-long pursuit to make his chicken finger-lickin' goodMon, 06 Jul 2015 14:41:55 +0000Turning New York City's Subway Into a Symphony James Murphy wants to replace the beeps of the system's turnstiles with beautiful musicMon, 06 Jul 2015 14:06:28 +0000How a Hot Dog Eating Contest Became One of the Fourth of July's Greatest Traditions the American dream is shaped like a hot dogFri, 03 Jul 2015 13:01:21 +0000Can You Crack a Medical Mystery? startup called CrowdMed asks volunteer detectives to study cases of patients with symptoms that baffle doctorsFri, 03 Jul 2015 12:08:50 +0000Why Milo's Sunrises Are a Symphony of Color in The Phantom Tollbooth Norton Juster says one boon to his magical writing is that he was born with synesthesia and hears colorsFri, 03 Jul 2015 12:04:36 +0000The Back to the Future Movies Are Obsessed With Television, Rightfully So McFlys' constant attention to the TV was a perfect reflection of life in post-war AmericaThu, 02 Jul 2015 18:36:07 +0000Why Seahorses Have Square Tails show that the animals' prism-like tails are mechanically superior to cylindrical onesThu, 02 Jul 2015 18:00:00 +0000Shootings and Mass Murders Seem to Be Contagious spanning decades shows how high-profile events can cause outbreaks of similar killings that mirror the spread of diseaseThu, 02 Jul 2015 18:00:00 +0000Can Science Help People Unlearn Their Unconscious Biases? events, sleep training and even meditation may offer ways for people to erase biases they probably didn't know they heldThu, 02 Jul 2015 17:10:36 +0000Bringing Thomas Jefferson's Battered Tombstone Back to Life founding father's fragile grave marker has survived for centuries, enduring souveniring, a fire and errant repairs Thu, 02 Jul 2015 15:21:42 +0000The Great Moon Hoax Was Simply a Sign of Its Time discoveries and faraway voyages inspired fantastic tales—and a new Smithsonian exhibitionThu, 02 Jul 2015 14:33:53 +0000NASA's New Memorial Honors Lives Lost on the Challenger and Columbia Missions permanent exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida displays remnants of the shuttles and items from fallen astronautsThu, 02 Jul 2015 12:46:00 +0000On His First Day on the Job, Smithsonian Secretary David J. Skorton Discusses the Past and the Future new Smithsonian leader says he wants to emphasize the arts and humanities at a time when they are being deemphasized nationally Wed, 01 Jul 2015 18:48:07 +0000These Photos From Cuba Place You in the Boxing Ring and wedding photographer Rebecca Barger captures vibrant images of local streets, architecture and athletes in HavanaWed, 01 Jul 2015 18:24:55 +0000How a Transparent Fish May Help Decode the Brain outspoken Harvard neuroscientist is tackling the wondrous challenge of understanding the workings of the brainWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:03:29 +0000The Hyperloop Will Be Only the Latest Innovation That's Pretty Much a Series of Tubes idea of using pneumatics to send objects has been around for ages. But people?Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000Photos From the Heart of the Ferguson Protests events sparked by the killing of young Michael Brown gave rise to a new civil rights movement that's still growingWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000A Deep Dive Into the Skeleton of the Oldest-Known Modern Bird fossil found in China may offer new clues about avian evolutionWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000What It's Like to Travel the Inca Road Today rocky rollicking journey to Machu Picchu along one of the greatest engineering feats in the AmericasWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000What's Changed, and What Hasn't, in the Town That Inspired "To Kill a Mockingbird" back in time to visit Harper Lee's hometown, the setting of her 1960 masterpiece and the controversial sequel hitting bookstores soonWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000There Were Listicles That Went Viral Long Before There Was an Internet scholars are zeroing in on stories that were trending way back in the 19th centuryWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Mad King and Magna Carta did a peace treaty signed — and broken — 800 years ago become one of the world's most influential documents?Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000A Photographic Requiem for America's Civil War Battlefields far-flung battlefields to picture the nation's defining tragedy in a modern lightWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000What Did Insects Evolve From And More Questions From Our Readers asked, we answeredWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000One Photographer's Personal Endeavor to Track Down Survivors of the Armenian Genocide, 100 Years Later children, they escaped ruthless state-sponsored violence. Now, these Armenian women and men visit the aching memory of what they left behindWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Latest Sign That the Robot Uprising Is Nigh? Camel Racing centuries-old pastime in the United Arab Emirates gets a rebootWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000Before Moby-Dick, There Was "Two Years Before the Mast" salty memoir by Richard Henry Dana Jr. was one of America's first literary classicsWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Fall and Rise and Fall of Pompeii famous archaeological treasure is falling into scandalous decline, even as its sister city Herculaneum is rising from the ashesWed, 01 Jul 2015 16:00:00 +0000Tiny Robots Can Clear Clogged Arteries at Drexel University are developing micro-swimmers that loosen arterial plaque and release drugs into the bloodstream to prevent future buildupWed, 01 Jul 2015 15:38:44 +0000Captivating Long-Exposure Photos of New Zealand’s Glowworm Caves new shots show the otherworldly magic created by a carnivorous fungus gnatWed, 01 Jul 2015 15:37:21 +000014 Fun Facts About Marine Bristle Worms honor of the first ever International Polychaete Day, learn about the bristly worms that are everywhere in the oceanWed, 01 Jul 2015 13:00:00 +0000To Stop Mosquito Bites, Silence Your Skin's Bacteria scientists tricked mosquitoes into skipping a blood meal by modifying the way bacteria talk to each otherTue, 30 Jun 2015 14:30:00 +0000The Library Mark Twain Built author helped create a library in the last town he called home—and it's full of great summer reading suggestions Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:16:59 +0000What Makes the Orange Juice Can Worthy of Display in a Museum new exhibition explains why the everyday objects of today and the recent past are so important to understanding who we areTue, 30 Jun 2015 13:15:00 +0000In Hawaii, Old Buses Are Being Turned Into Homeless Shelters group of architects envisions a rolling solution to the state's homelessness problemMon, 29 Jun 2015 19:06:59 +0000Here's How U.S. Groundwater Travels the Globe Via Food aquifers are being drained for agricultural use, which means the water moves around in some surprising waysMon, 29 Jun 2015 19:00:00 +0000Is Architecture Actually a Form of Weaving? Adjaye, lead architect of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, approaches building design as creating "fabric"Mon, 29 Jun 2015 14:45:10 +0000Is a Band Without Its Original Members Still the Same Band? gives a musical group its identity? Is it the name on the poster or the people on the stage?Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:17:37 +0000Warming and Overfishing Sent Seabirds Flocking to California's elegant terns have begun nesting farther north in years when their traditional food is scarceFri, 26 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000Heart Line or Life Line: Can You Tell? all know the heart and life lines are two of the most important measures of palmistry. But can you tell which is which?Fri, 26 Jun 2015 16:07:06 +0000How the Inca Empire Engineered a Road Across Some of the World's Most Extreme Terrain a new exhibition, a Smithsonian curator conducted oral histories with contemporary indigenous cultures to recover lost Inca traditionsFri, 26 Jun 2015 16:06:12 +0000 An Abandoned Island Now Glows Star-Bright Under a New Constellation Melissa McGill creates a luminous public art project above a ruined castle on a mysterious piece of land in the Hudson RiverFri, 26 Jun 2015 15:08:00 +0000Seven Surprises From the First Flybys of Each Planet in the Solar System the New Horizons probe approaches Pluto, find out what wonders were uncovered by the first spacecraft to zip past other worldsFri, 26 Jun 2015 13:00:00 +0000Could This Head Gear Help Treat Parkinson's Disease? at Johns Hopkins University have created an at-home brain-stimulating device to ease Parkinson's symptomsThu, 25 Jun 2015 18:23:39 +0000"Combing" Through Light May Give Us Faster, More Powerful Internet lab experiment used a device called a frequency comb to send fiber optic data a record-breaking distance with no signal lossThu, 25 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000When the Poster Promoting the Concert Is as Exciting as the Music, You Know You're Listening to Chicha sounds, graphic art and the mestizo lifestyle that goes with the music is the latest revolt of the Peruvian massesThu, 25 Jun 2015 17:21:05 +0000See the USA in a Minute is one of the most breathtaking geographical places on Earth. From monuments to mountains and canyons to coastlines, take a speedy aerial tourThu, 25 Jun 2015 16:48:29 +0000How the Soccer Ball Could Save the Golf Course the sport of footgolf, which is exactly what it sounds likeThu, 25 Jun 2015 16:02:50 +0000There is Now a 12-Week Online Program for Overcoming Social Anxiety Stanford graduates are the brains behind Joyable, a startup that pairs users with coaches to tackle social challengesThu, 25 Jun 2015 15:59:53 +0000Ask Smithsonian: Why Does Rain Have A Distinctive Smell? humidity—and our own memories—help create the conditions for how we perceive the sharp, fresh odor of a rain stormThu, 25 Jun 2015 15:21:26 +0000Stunning Photos of Africa's Oldest Trees, Framed by Starlight"Diamond Nights" captures the surreal beauty of ancient trees after nightfallThu, 25 Jun 2015 12:00:00 +0000This 5,300 Year-Old Corpse Was Found by Accident Erika and Helmut Simon stumbled upon a frozen body deep in the Ötztal Alps, little did they know it belonged to one of the oldest preserved corpsesWed, 24 Jun 2015 20:05:19 +0000Five Tech Ideas That Could Improve City Bike Commuting group of London designers imagines Google Glass-like visors and buses that project outlines of their blind spots on the roadWed, 24 Jun 2015 19:36:46 +0000A Look Behind the Peruvian Art of Gourd Carving magnificent hand carvings, artisans craft stories of celebration and tragedy into dried gourds—a tradition practiced for more than 4,000 yearsWed, 24 Jun 2015 17:05:02 +0000This Ancient Creature Shows How the Turtle Got Its Shell 240-million-year-old "grandfather turtle" may be part of the evolutionary bridge between lizards and shelled reptiles Wed, 24 Jun 2015 17:00:00 +0000The Foods Americans Once Loved to Eat, beavers and eel were once beloved staples of the continental diet. What happened?Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:18:35 +0000These Window Collages Are Serious Eye Candy Portuguese photographer provides a window into, well...windowsWed, 24 Jun 2015 15:02:37 +0000Barbers Are Giving Buzz Cuts to Detroit's Overgrown Lots new project funded by a Knight Cities grant has local barbers and landscape contractors working to revitalize vacant spacesWed, 24 Jun 2015 14:15:32 +0000One Vancouver Forest Played Just About Every Wooded Locale on "The X-Files" the truth is still out there, there’s a good chance it’s in the Lower Seymour Conservation ReserveWed, 24 Jun 2015 10:00:00 +0000Ride America's Most Historic Roller Coasters summer, ride the coasters that add history to their thrillsTue, 23 Jun 2015 19:05:18 +0000Wingsuit Flying: The Most Extreme Sport of All? flying is famous for two things: a sense of thrill that's hard to match in any other sport, and a terrifyingly high death rate.Tue, 23 Jun 2015 17:28:31 +000014 Fun Facts About the Animals of "Jurassic World" the lead predator of the film might be a genetically modified fiction, these real fossil species were just as amazing and bizarreTue, 23 Jun 2015 13:00:00 +0000People Get Seasonal Depression in the Summer, Too suffer from SAD in summer as well as winter, and evidence hints that birth season plays a role in who develops the disorderMon, 22 Jun 2015 20:00:33 +0000The Roller Coaster Was Invented to Save America From Satan the 1880s, LaMarcus Thompson was troubled by America's slide into hedonism and immorality. Out of that concern, we got the roller coasterMon, 22 Jun 2015 14:58:18 +0000A Dozen Indigenous Craftsman From Peru Will Weave Grass into a 60-Foot Suspension Bridge in Washington, D.C. ancient technology used lightweight materials to create soaring 150-foot spans that could hold the weight of a marching armyMon, 22 Jun 2015 12:47:11 +0000How to Avoid Your Neighbors Lovering Wharton built this house on a rock off the coast of Rhode Island because, as legend has it, he wanted a place where no one could bother himFri, 19 Jun 2015 19:04:32 +0000Shine On: Jeff Koons in Bilbao Gehry's titanium-clad Guggenheim plays host to a stunning survey of Koons's larger-than-life careerFri, 19 Jun 2015 19:02:53 +0000Why Taxidermy Is Being Revived for the 21st Century new generation of young practitioners is leading a resurgence in this centuries-old craftFri, 19 Jun 2015 14:00:00 +0000Maker’s Week at the Zoo is Business as Usual the right product doesn't exist for a fish ultrasound or other procedure, scientists build it themselvesThu, 18 Jun 2015 18:35:25 +0000Where Do Important Ivory Artifacts Fit in the Race to Save Elephants from Poaching? fight against poaching and trafficking came to a head in Times Square last week with the destruction of a one-ton cache of illegal ivoryThu, 18 Jun 2015 18:12:55 +0000DNA and Databases Help Untangle the Web of the Illegal Wildlife Trade new data-driven approaches help identify key hotspots for poaching and traffickingThu, 18 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000Genome Analysis Links Kennewick Man to Native Americans DNA sequenced from the skeleton adds to the controversy over the individual's ancestryThu, 18 Jun 2015 17:21:19 +0000Kangaroos Are Lefties, and That Can Teach Us About Human Handedness discovery strengthens the case that upright posture drove the evolution of dominant hands in humansThu, 18 Jun 2015 16:36:11 +000011 Reasons to Love Bacteria, Fungi and Spores medicines to jet fuel, we have so many reasons to celebrate the microbes we live with every dayThu, 18 Jun 2015 14:00:00 +0000The Hottest New Accessory for Songbirds: Tiny GPS-Enabled Backpacks Marra and Michael Hallworth of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center test a groundbreaking device that tracks birds' migrationsThu, 18 Jun 2015 12:54:57 +0000See the Flowers that Bloom All At Once, One Night a Year mysterious night-blooming cereus just dazzled a garden in Tucson. Scientists still aren’t sure exactly how they bloom at the same timeThu, 18 Jun 2015 11:00:00 +0000Eight New Things Science Says About Being a Dad're still not very good at cooing to toddlers, and their testosterone levels start to drop even before a baby is bornThu, 18 Jun 2015 10:20:18 +0000Six Ways the Civil War Changed American Medicine years ago, the historic conflict forced doctors to get creative and to reframe the way they thought about medicineWed, 17 Jun 2015 21:00:00 +0000Doctors Can Study 3D Printed Models of Your Organs Before Surgery a new era of personalized medicine, advanced models are better preparing surgeons for what they will encounter in the operating roomWed, 17 Jun 2015 19:27:53 +0000Restaurants and Hotels Breathe New Life into Beautiful, Abandoned Churches and Monasteries ceilings and stained glass windows adorn these restored and reimagined structuresWed, 17 Jun 2015 16:34:00 +0000A New Recreation Shows How Ancient Romans Lifted Wild Animals Into the Colosseum elaborate system of elevators and trap doors lifted ferocious beasts onto the Colosseum floorTue, 16 Jun 2015 17:47:08 +0000The Most Loved and Hated Novel About World War I international bestseller, Erich Maria Remarque's <em>All Quiet on the Western Front</em> was banned and burned in Nazi GermanyTue, 16 Jun 2015 16:58:21 +00002 World Trade Center and the Promise of Green Skyscrapers renderings of the tower show impressive sky gardens—a trendy feature that's difficult to pull offTue, 16 Jun 2015 16:07:24 +0000How Radio DJ Hoppy Adams Powered his 50,000-Watt Annapolis Station into a Mighty Influence post-war America, as advertisers discovered African American audiences, one local disc jockey drew top recording stars and a huge followingTue, 16 Jun 2015 14:50:52 +0000Sleep With the Fishes: The Best Places to Spend a Night Underwater the weather heats up, escape to these hotel rooms beneath the wavesTue, 16 Jun 2015 11:00:00 +0000These Stirring Portraits Put a Face on Homelessness Hohlbein's method of using social media to get tents, clothing, car repair and other needs to Seattle's homeless is catching on in other citiesMon, 15 Jun 2015 15:44:02 +0000The American at the Battle of Waterloo British remember William Howe De Lancey, an American friend to the Duke of Wellington, as a hero for the role he played in the 1815 clashMon, 15 Jun 2015 14:49:42 +0000How a Cheap Plastic Rat Could Change Biology Class a couple of 3D printers, a husband and wife team is building accurate replicas of rats that could one day eliminate the need for dissection specimensMon, 15 Jun 2015 14:08:55 +0000Hey Scientist, Who Are You Mentoring this Summer? director of education at the National Museum of Natural History delivers a clarion call to all scientists: Be a Mentor. Raise Up the Next GenerationMon, 15 Jun 2015 12:39:06 +0000A Horrific Tragedy at Frank Lloyd Wright's Home of Frank Lloyd Wright's most beloved properties, Taliesin, was inspired by Wisconsin's natural beauty. But its history is mired in tragedyFri, 12 Jun 2015 19:00:09 +0000Americans Are Not the Only Ones Obsessed With Their Flag the mild-mannered Danes to crazed soccer fans, people all over the world go nuts for their national colorsFri, 12 Jun 2015 15:47:53 +0000The Tweeting Potholes of Panama Panama City, potholes have taken to Twitter to ask for repairs Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:56:33 +0000How Magna Carta Went Viral a world before the printing press, how did news of the famous document make the rounds?Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:00:00 +0000Relive the Battle of Waterloo With These Astonishing Portraits of War Reenactors Sam Faulkner shoots a portrait series that gives a face to the more than 200,000 soldiers who fought in the historic conflictFri, 12 Jun 2015 12:50:37 +0000What Is a Maker Faire, Exactly? as the world’s greatest show and tell, the DIY extravaganza might just make a maker out of youFri, 12 Jun 2015 12:36:42 +0000Hovering Hawkmoths Slow Down Their Brains to See in the Dark insects’ night vision appears to be finely tuned to the movement of their flower food sourcesThu, 11 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000Earth's Oxygen Levels Can Affect Its Climate of past eras show that oxygen can influence global temperature and humidity as its concentration changesThu, 11 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000Ask Smithsonian: What Makes Skunk Spray Smell So Terrible? the omnivorous cat-size mammals take aim, the malodorous spray can hit with pin-point accuracy up to 20 feet awayThu, 11 Jun 2015 15:12:06 +0000Where to Visit the Real Jurassic World After You See the Film movie's filming locations and inspiration offer lush vegetation, stunning views and plenty of sharksThu, 11 Jun 2015 12:00:00 +0000The Same Probiotic That’s In Your Yogurt Could Detect Liver Cancer a dose of this bacteria, genetically altered by scientists at MIT, and your urine will glow if liver cancer is presentWed, 10 Jun 2015 19:42:02 +0000Wildlife Photographer Frans Lanting on the Difference Between Taking Pictures and Making Photographs <I>National Geographic</i> photographer has been described as having the "mind of a scientist, the heart of a hunter, and the eyes of a poet" Wed, 10 Jun 2015 18:52:11 +0000City Governments Are Collaborating With Startups, and Acting Like Ones Themselves establishing offices that promote innovation, cities are taking more risks than ever beforeWed, 10 Jun 2015 18:04:34 +0000A "Mangrove Forest" of Magnetism May Help Heat the Sun's Corona simulations might explain why the sun's atmosphere is bizarrely millions of degrees hotter than its surfaceWed, 10 Jun 2015 17:00:00 +0000Why the Germans Torpedoed the Lusitania German U-boat Commander Walther Schwieger ordered a torpedo strike on the Lusitania, he didn't know it would be the shot that eventually led the U.S.Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:44:18 +0000Six Ways to See Bioluminescence in the World's Oceans shimmering squid in Japan to illuminated clams in France, here are some of the top spots for basking in nature's glowTue, 09 Jun 2015 16:00:00 +0000Does the Future Hold the Prospect of Outsourcing the Human Brain? thinker Sebastian Thrun is receiving a Smithsonian Award this week, so he regaled us with some of his ideas for changing the worldTue, 09 Jun 2015 15:42:49 +0000Dinosaur Soft Tissue Recovered From Eight Cretaceous-Era Fossils sampling methods yielded cells and fibers from relatively ordinary fossils, broadening the possibilities for paleontologyTue, 09 Jun 2015 15:00:00 +0000Support for the Death Penalty May Be Linked to Belief in Pure Evil who think evil exists in the world are more likely to demonize criminals, regardless of their character traitsTue, 09 Jun 2015 14:30:00 +0000Al Capone and Chicago's Violent Mobster Past over Chicago and back through the city's violent past. Illinois is the final state to be captured in Smithsonian Channel's "Aerial America" seriesMon, 08 Jun 2015 21:52:35 +0000Soon Our Phones Will Be Telling Us to Drink More Water new crop of health wearables aims to keep users hydratedMon, 08 Jun 2015 20:24:16 +0000How Do You Dance to Jazz? attendees at this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival taught our music writer a step or twoMon, 08 Jun 2015 18:36:41 +0000A Flexible Circuit Has Been Injected Into Living Brains on mice, the rolled mesh fits inside a syringe and unfurls to monitor brain activityMon, 08 Jun 2015 15:00:00 +0000What a 1950s Fashion Maven Might Teach Us About What To Wear it was time to suit up for work, politics or social engagements, Claire McCardell's fans embraced her chic, but comfortable styleMon, 08 Jun 2015 14:17:01 +0000Does Dieting Actually Make Your Stomach Shrink? exactly, says science—stretchiness and psychology seem to play bigger roles than size in determining how much a person can eatMon, 08 Jun 2015 14:03:41 +0000The New Shanghai Natural History Museum is Ancient, Modern and Uniquely Chinese nautilus-shaped building draws on Chinese traditions and 21st century design to house amazing specimens found nowhere elseMon, 08 Jun 2015 12:43:40 +0000Whistler's Peacock Room is Reimagined in a State of Oozing and Broken Decay Filthy Lucre, a new installation at the Sackler Gallery, artist Darren Waterston deconstructs Whistler's masterpieceFri, 05 Jun 2015 18:41:50 +0000How Pyrex Reinvented Glass For a New Age hundred years after the birth of the brand, the Corning Museum of Glass pays homage to America's favorite dishFri, 05 Jun 2015 18:23:25 +0000Seven Inspiring Innovations In Education From Around the Globe schools, start taking notes! There may be some things to learn from these successful programsFri, 05 Jun 2015 16:24:47 +0000With This Self-Healing Concrete, Buildings Repair Themselves concrete developed by Dutch scientists and embedded with limestone-producing bacteria is ready to hit the market Fri, 05 Jun 2015 14:13:19 +0000Big Boom: The Best Places to See Meteorite Impact Craters impacts changed landscapes and perhaps even the course of evolution—here's where to see the coolest craters this summerFri, 05 Jun 2015 11:00:00 +0000There Is No Global Warming Hiatus After All data and better analysis methods find no slowdown in the pace of global temperature rise, NOAA scientists reportThu, 04 Jun 2015 18:00:00 +0000The 'Hellboy' Dinosaur, a New Cousin of Triceratops, Is Fossil Royalty horned dinosaur wears a built-in crown and offers evidence of many more undiscovered species in North AmericaThu, 04 Jun 2015 16:00:00 +0000Mouse Noses Can Bypass the Brain to Make Females Blind to Males direct the nose to signal when potential mates are about—and when to erase their scentThu, 04 Jun 2015 16:00:00 +0000The Remarkable Story of the World’s Rarest Stamp rarely seen, one-of-a-kind 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta, which recently sold for a whopping $9.5 million, gets its public debut Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:41:37 +0000Ride This Bizarre, Old-School Elevator Before They All Shut Down paternoster elevators of Europe are weird, a bit scary and getting harder and harder to find. For now, there are still a few you can rideThu, 04 Jun 2015 14:10:18 +0000Can Young Botanists at a Magnet School Play a Vital Role in Protecting an Urban Ecosystem?'s BioTech, the country's first ever botany-focused magnet high school, is teaching kids real-world plant scienceThu, 04 Jun 2015 13:16:06 +0000Weird Orbital Behaviors Offer Clues to the Origins of Pluto's Moons the mystery of these satellites could help astronomers understand "Tatooine" exoplanets that orbit binary starsWed, 03 Jun 2015 17:00:00 +0000Who Crafts the Image in Celebrity Portraiture? it real or is it celebrity branding? A portrait exhibition of iconic celebs considers the question of who holds the upper hand—the artist or the starWed, 03 Jun 2015 15:28:33 +0000Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos grassy area studded with hulking, 2,000-year-old jars provides a surreal sight as well as an archeological puzzleWed, 03 Jun 2015 13:12:00 +0000These New Computer Chips Are Made From Wood new technique replaces the bulk of smartphone-friendly microchips with a transparent, flexible material made from wood pulpWed, 03 Jun 2015 11:34:06 +0000See All 50 States From the Air Channel's popular Aerial America series has filmed its 50th and final stateWed, 03 Jun 2015 08:00:00 +0000Where the Blues Was Born Dockery Farms, the original bluesmen created a sound that would become legendaryTue, 02 Jun 2015 18:49:08 +0000Discover a Fossil Jackpot Off the Las Vegas Strip of mammoths, camels and other beasts of the Ice Age tempt visitors out of Sin City and into Tule Springs National MonumentTue, 02 Jun 2015 13:00:00 +000025 Millennials Just Crossed the United States By Rail Hoping to Leave Their Marks in Cities Along the Way leaders take a 10-day whistle-stop tour with on-train seminars and service projects in communities across the nationMon, 01 Jun 2015 20:25:30 +0000Photojournalist Eli Reed Shares Some of His Favorite Images From His 40-Year Career pioneering African American looks back at the power of the photographMon, 01 Jun 2015 19:22:51 +0000Migrating Monarch Butterflies Might Actually Take to the Highway pollinators get a trans-continental right of wayMon, 01 Jun 2015 19:10:19 +0000Big African Animals Are Pickier Eaters Than We Imagined the surprise of ecologists, plant-eaters manage to coexist on the savanna by each choosing different favorite foods Mon, 01 Jun 2015 19:00:00 +0000How "Meat Banks" Are Helping Farmers Preserve Precious Livestock sperm and tissue are being stored to protect commercial animals and help save rare heritage breedsMon, 01 Jun 2015 15:00:16 +0000Forget Credit Cards, Now You Can Pay With Your Eyes new Japanese phone with an iris scanner may mark a new era of password-free mobile payments Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:16:27 +0000The Epic Failure of Thomas Edison's Talking Doll, heavy, non-functioning and a little scary looking, the doll created by America's hero-inventor was a commercial flopMon, 01 Jun 2015 14:07:19 +0000Smithsonian to Receive Artifacts From Sunken 18th-Century Slave Ship Found Off the Coast of South Africa 1794, the Portuguese slave ship São José wrecked with 400 slaves aboard; iron ballast and a wooden pulley from that ship will come to Washington, D.C.Sun, 31 May 2015 14:36:11 +0000