Review of 'Tales My Father Never Told'

Review of 'Tales My Father Never Told'

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For all of that, there is no trace of bitterness or recrimination in this book, and Edmonds looks back across the years with warmth and humor. He is an engaging and generous storyteller, and Tales My Father Never Told may well bring him a new generation of readers.

Toward the end of Tales, as the young Edmonds begins to publish stories, his father writes to offer a characteristic assessment: "I urge you to give up all thought of writing. Apply yourself with redoubled concentration to your studies. Our world needs people who will contribute to the values of life."

It is difficult to say what the elder Edmonds would have thought of the present volume, but the general reader can be in no doubt. The author has made a wholly agreeable contribution to the values of life.

Daniel Stashower is a novelist living and writing in London.


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