When is Museum Day Live!?
Saturday, September 26, 2015

How do I register my museum?
You can register online. Click here to register.

Is there a cost to participate in Museum Day Live!?

Will my museum be reimbursed for free admission?
No, but you will receive promotion, advertising and a tremendous amount of press through Museum Day Live!

Does everyone get free admission?
No. To get free admission, guests must present a Museum Day Live! ticket. This ticket is good for two admissions.

Where can guests get the ticket?
Available on Smithsonian.com on August 1, 2015.

Can my museum advertise with your magazine?
Yes. E-mail museumday@si.edu for more information

Are museums allowed to do their own promotions?
Yes. We will also send you template materials to help you.

Can Museum Day Live! help me to promote events at my museum?
Yes, send press releases and updates to museumday@si.edu. Early registration by May 5th will earn social media promotion for your institution.

If my museum has previously participated do I have to register again for this year?
Yes. We have created a new easy-to-use system that requires all museums and cultural institutions, new and previously participating, to register.