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A Smart, Sleek, Money-Saving Thermostat

The father of the iPod talks about his next-generation thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat takes an active role in saving energy around the house. (Nest Labs)

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Nest provides users with a free monthly report. What types of data does this include?

We accumulate all of the savings that the Nest community has saved together. We are almost at 1 billion kilowatt hours just 22 months since we came on the market. Then, you can see your history of how much energy you used this month versus last month. We also break it down into the individual reasons why you are using more or less energy that month compared to the previous month. It could be because of the weather. It could be because of your adjustments or that you were away. There is a whole host of factors. We give you that right in the report so that you can make behavioral modifications if you want to save more. We also show things like the typical nighttime temperature that people set in your region, to show whether you are doing something that everyone else is doing or you are outside the average. 


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